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NEWS 10/2/13 1:03am

Obamacare and students: what you should know

On Tuesday, one of the biggest bills of this generation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will take effect. The bill, also called Obamacare, is meant to be the Obama administration's answer to the issue of healthcare accessibility. On Oct.

NEWS 5/30/13 12:27pm

Having "no faith" in college

This year Elon opened a brand new Numen Lumen multi faith pavilion on campus. But what about students who would say they have no faith? "At times I've said I'm agnostic or I'm atheist, but atheist kinda has the connotation with it.

NEWS 5/1/13 5:44pm

Students Remember Jordan West

There was a moment of silence at Elon's annual Black Excellence Awards Saturday. It was meant to honor a student who had sat in that very same room the year before.

NEWS 3/12/13 1:27pm

Offensive Twitter Handle Causes Controversy

Twitter Parody accounts are nothing new. There are hundreds of thousands of them online mimicking people, places and even household objects. There are more than a dozen parody accounts associated with Elon.

NEWS 2/14/13 1:29pm

Elon Theft Update

In the last two weeks, eight separate cases of theft have occurred near Elon's campus, and seven of the cases involved Elon students. In each incident, students had items taken directly out of their parked cars.

NEWS 2/14/13 1:20pm

Gunpoint Robbery Follow-Up

The Elon Town Police have requested help from the NC State Bureau of Investigation with their investigation into the February 1st gunpoint robbery of an Elon student. They are still looking for three men who they believe are responsible, and recently released footage of a man connected to the crime.

NEWS 9/25/12 1:10pm

Chick-Fil-A to Stay?

Chick-Fil-A became a part of every conversation this summer after the companies President Dan Cathy made remarks about his company's stance on Gay Marriage. Now more than a two months later, Chick-Fil-A is being discussed again.

NEWS 9/5/12 11:01am

DNC Burlington Protestors in Charlotte

Protestors came from all over the country to let their voices be heard at the DNC. Jason Puckett found some local protestors who shared their opinions. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 8/29/12 6:32am

Frank Campisano, Elon Freshman Novelist

Many first-year students have spent the last six-months preparing for College, but Frank Campisano has had other things on his mind. Like a book he's been writing. It started two-years ago when a routine writing assignment sparked his imagination. "It was just writing for fun," said Campisano.

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