Twas' the night before registration

And all through Elon

Not a senior was sleeping

They might miss their alarm

"It's just a constant fear. It's a constant fear of what's going to happen,what you're going to end up with and whether you have to end up taking like....history of Italy," rising senior Tyler Oberle said.

Core classes are picked out with thought and care

But some extra courses are up in the air

"Once I've met my requirements, I'm more looking for what's gonna not get in the way of my requirements...whats a class that's not going to be overbearing or have a ton of work," rising senior Sean Magee said.

Some plans work perfectly

Others get stuck

This music Tech Major

Kinda messed up

"I was thinking about graduating early, and I kinda screwed up my requirements...I'm literally gonna be one or two requirements short," Magee said.

Wake up around seven and turn off your alarm

Log onto ontrack and yay classes done!

But for some of the students the classes aren't there

Others have logged on and taken their share

"Your heart just sinks when you see that the class is full...cause you know that you are going to have to try again...that zero is just the worst thing to see," Oberle said.

And finally when that submit buttons clicked

The long wait begins to see if it sticks

"It's like Christmas Morning, sort of, and you're just hoping you don't end up with coal," Oberle said.

But placement isn't permanent--theres a chance it can be fixed

Speak to the registrar if your schedule gets nixed