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NEWS 8/4/18 9:58am

Power Outage on Elon's Campus

Hit with a string of rain and thunderstorm over the past few days Elon is now facing a power outage throughout most of campus.  According to Alamance Communications, falling trees hit power lines causing the power outage. 

NEWS 4/24/18 3:38pm

Elon student serves as representative for app addressing money management

On March 21, 2018 a man named Ben Psillas launched an app with the potential to change the way people manage money.  Psillas and his team are the co-founders of an app called Debx. Debx is an app that that helps consumers get the most out of their credit cards by creating financial security. It helps people to earn credit and credit card rewards without risking going into debt. 

NEWS 4/10/18 10:20pm

President Book talks with students about LGBTQIA issues

n the intimate setting of the Gender and LGBTQIA center, surrounded by students President Connie Book held a talk about LGBTQIA issues on campus.  The talk last from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight and President Book focused on listening to the students there and asking what they would like to see from the University in terms of LGBTQIA awareness and advancement. 

NEWS 4/4/18 2:39pm

Elon promotes diversity through Phoenix Fusion

Phoenix Fusion is a two-day event themed around diversity on Elon’s campus. It gives admitted high school seniors from diverse backgrounds the opportunity learn about the diversity of the campus, the academic programs, and students life. Students who attended the event have the opportunity to spend the night with a current student, tour the campus, and participate in various activities. 

NEWS 3/6/18 7:22pm

Pulling up to the Problem

Immediately after their first assignment which brought them to College Place with a van load of ten students at 11 p.m. on Thursday. Safe Rides’ operators senior Dan Ford and sophomore Remy Benzel were on Lebanon Avenue waiting for their next assignment discussing what would happen if Safe Rides didn’t exist.

NEWS 2/15/18 12:27am

A slice of creativity at Pandora's Pies

The double sided chalkboard sits right outside of Pandora’s and every couple of days features a new witty slogan, about pizza, beer, or their specials.  Brittney Tillman is the brains behind the sign. Brittney has been working at Pandora’s for the past six years and decided to take on the task of designing the chalkboard herself. 

NEWS 2/13/18 11:45pm

InterVarsity staff member makes final remarks before permanent sabbatical

Tears were shed by both students and staff alike as Doug Arms, an InterVarsity staff member, gave his final address before leaving for a sabbatical he will not return from. In December, Arms announced through a video shared with IV members, that he had been asked by the Elon University chaplains to step down from his position permanently. 

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