Music and the smell of grilled hot dogs filled the air outside the Elon Community Church as it hosted mixer for students and their dogs, giving their owners a fur filled way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Amelia Harmon and her family brought their dog Jefferson, who is a mutt, to the mixer. Harmon says her favorite thing about Jefferson is the tricks that he can do. 

“I ask him to roll over, he first lays down and then he rolls over and then I give him the treat!” Harmon said. 

While some dogs got the chance to make new friends, some dogs were were stuck in a soap opera of doggie romance. 

Alamance Community College student Sno Ember brought his girlfriend’s dog and his girlfriend’s mom’s dog. Both dogs have a complicated history with each other.

“Athena is a full blooded pit and she is about three years of age and he ex, Ronan, is a pit mix and he’s about four and they have one puppy together named Chloe,” Ember said. 

But one dog at the event used it to boost its own brand. Elon Junior Kristin Payne’s dog Baylee has her own instagram with just over 280 followers. 

“I’ll walk around campus and people will go oh my god that’s bailey and I’m like I have no idea who you are, how do you know my dog?” Payne said. 

Byalee is also registered as an emotional support animal, and Payne says the best perk of having Baylee is that she is a huge comfort.

“She’s such a great stress relief I love having her,” Payne said. 

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