NEWS 10/12/16 5:24pm

DAHAL: Traditions can change

For students who had to struggle to get here or have struggled while here — including first-generation students — the graduation ceremony is more than just an orchestrated event, guaranteed to be given to you at the end of your four years. It’s something you and those who love you have fought incredibly hard for.  It’s the culmination of more than four years of coursework.  It’s a product of collective and unapologetic tenacity from you and those who have fought with you.  So on the day of your undergraduate graduation, your invitation for family and friends is more than just an expectation.

OPINIONS 7/27/16 11:57am

An open letter to Kathleen Parker

Dear Kathleen Parker, First, I’d like to thank you. The controversy around your visit to Elon University has at times made me so mad that I’ve actually gone to the gym to blow off steam. 

NEWS 4/7/16 10:00am

Free speech protests at Emory demonstrate necessity of civil conversation

It’s been an interesting couple weeks for Emory University. After chalk messages supporting Republican frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on various walkways of the Atlanta university, a number of conservative students responded with anti-Trump protests, believing the messages represented a legitimate threat to their safety and to the state of inclusivity at their campus.

NEWS 3/30/16 8:47am

Hotline Fling: Drop the phone

The proliferation of mobile devices has brought several major advantages. An iPhone can be used to take photos, offer driving directions, send text messages and emails, record videos and so much more.

NEWS 3/30/16 8:46am

Campus Voices: Revisit what it means to be neighborly

This past weekend, I took a flight from California back to North Carolina. It was a long flight already, but with the delay and the three-hour time difference, we could have mistaken it for a trip overseas. During our layover in San Francisco, I shuffled around with my overpacked suitcase, trying to spot two seats in the waiting area that were side-by-side, to enable my husband and I to sit together during our wait.

NEWS 3/16/16 7:41pm

​Talk therapy is a two-way street

The other day, to help with an article she was writing for one of her classes, a friend of mine sat down with me and asked me if I had ever used counseling services at Elon. As we sat in the crowded Moseley Student Center, I felt myself look around the room cautiously before quietly answering “Yes.” I have been using counseling services on and off ever since I first got to Elon.