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NEWS 5/19/24 5:44pm

Eggs thrown at pro-Palestinian, Elon apartment in Mill Point

Elon senior Lauren Hill woke up the morning of May 14 to discover broken egg shells and egg yolk all over her Mill Point front porch. Being a part of the Students for Peace and Justice, Hill had hung up many posters with slogans such as “Stand with Palestine. End the occupation now,” “Lead with love. Eyes on Rafah” and “Liberation for all requires resistance from all.” Hill and the SPJ had created these posters for their peaceful walk on May 7. Following the incident, Hill filed a report to campus police — who later discovered it was one individual who will remain unnamed.

NEWS 5/7/24 10:28pm

Sister of Hamas hostage speaks at Elon’s Chabad

Lucy Siegel’s younger brother Keith and his wife Aviva were captured by Hamas on Oct. 7, 2023 from the kibbutz where they lived in Israel. While Aviva was held hostage for 51 days and released on Nov. 26, 2023, Ketih is still currently being held hostage in Gaza. Lucy visited Elon’s Chabad house on May 7 to share her and her brother’s story with the Elon community. Rabbi Mendy Minkowitz introduced Lucy Siegel as she spoke about how the Israel-Hamas War continues to impact her personally.

NEWS 5/1/24 1:43pm

Elon’s Speakers’ Corner finds another voice

Elon sophomore Noelle Vaught said she finds students at Elon University are “politically sleepwalking.” On April 25, Vaught stood at the Speakers’ Corner holding an upside down American flag with the words “there is no flag large enough to cover up the shame of killing innocent people” written on it. Vaught also said she feels Elon is very “cloistered,” or secluded from the rest of the world. Vaught said her second reason is that she is opposed to the United States’ involvement in the Israel-Hamas War.

NEWS 2/15/24 11:08am

Elon Women’s Basketball, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority host annual breast cancer awareness game

Pink was everyone’s favorite color this Sunday, Feb. 11. In collaboration with the Elon Women’s Basketball team, the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority hosted their annual “Play4Kay” in honor of breast cancer awareness. The motto “Play4Kay” is in commemoration of former Elon Women’s Basketball coach Kay Yow. Yow was a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness — as she continuously fought her own battle. In 2009, Yow passed away after struggling with breast cancer for 22 years. The charity proceeds from this event went to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. This cause has raised a total of $65 so far with a goal of $500.

NEWS 1/15/24 9:55pm

International Civil Rights Center, Museum celebrates MLK Jr. Day

This year, MLK Jr. Day fell on Jan. 15. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro hosted a special presentation, including a speech titled “Promissory Note”. According to its website, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum is home to innovative ways that educate visitors about the history of civil rights and its historical figures. Elon seniors Matt Boyle and George Krupkin visited the Museum to learn more about Civil Rights and MLK Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream '' speech. Tour Coordinator of the museum, Dillon Tyler, said MLK Jr. Day is also representative of Greensboro being an important part of the Civil Rights Movement.

NEWS 8/18/23 1:26pm

Elon University welcomes class of 2027 to Global Neighborhood

Rounding out Move-In Day 2023, Global Neighborhood's orientation leaders and peer educators brought excitement to the incoming freshmen making campus their home on Aug. 18. Elon 1010 peer educator and sophomore Avery Underwood said she made sure to greet new students with a friendly wave as they arrived at Global's basketball courts, eager to unpack and get settled in. “I get to see all the new faces and see that they're excited,” Underwood said. “Some are a little nervous, but being able to just say ‘welcome,’ I hope it can take a little bit of the stress off of move-in day.”

LIFESTYLE 4/28/23 9:43am

Kappa Phi Lambda of Elon University hosts information session teaching history of henna

Elon University’s Asian-interest sorority, Kappa Phi Lambda, hosted an information session about the South Asian practice of henna art to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Month. The session included a presentation on the history behind the cultural use of henna, followed by henna art for all to participate. Academic chair of Kappa Phi Lambda, junior Lindsey Mathew, led the session with a brief presentation on the background of henna, including different names and various styles depending on the region.

LIFESTYLE 4/13/23 4:42pm

Shannon Bream of FOX News gives lecture at Elon University School of Law

Shannon Bream, chief legal correspondent for FOX News, spoke at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro Wednesday evening about social media, being a woman in journalism and her books. Bream was welcomed and introduced by Elon Law Leadership Fellow Courtney Latourrette and Interim Dean and professor of law Alan D. Woodlief, Jr. The conversation held on stage with Bream was moderated by Professor Catherine Dunham. 

NEWS 10/17/22 9:45pm

Elon University’s Active Minds hosts walk for suicide prevention

 In collaboration with Alpha Omicron Pi, the Walk for Suicide Prevention was organized to increase mental health awareness throughout the Elon community and featured tables hosted by various organizations and local businesses. Along with Active Minds, which raised nearly $1,500, AOII, Smitty’s Ice Cream, Phoenix Free, Counseling Services and Nate’s Cookies had tables at the walk to show their support for mental health awareness. 

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