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NEWS 2/15/18 12:00am

Mediterranean Deli opening Feb. 28, according to owner

Jamil Kadoura is just as anxious to open the Mediterranean Deli, Bakery and Catering in Park Place as the rest of the Elon University community is to welcome it.  “I’m really excited,” Kadoura, owner of Mediterranean Deli, Bakery and Catering said. “I want this to be over with. It’s been like, a year and a half! We wanted to do it the right way, it’s very important to bring it in not too fast and not make mistakes.”

LIFESTYLE 10/26/17 11:13am

Taking on a Broadway hit

Elon University's fall musical is bringing a classic Broadway hit to the college stage: Hello Dolly!  Audiences will not see the two months of rehearsals, learning music and choreographing every second of the show, in a two minute group number. Instead they'll hear the harmonies of the ensemble, the stomping to the beat of the chorus, and Dolly herself leading a parade. 

NEWS 10/7/17 11:13am

Damages in Smith Residence Hall discussed over Family Weekend

More than 20 students are displaced after a urinal was ripped from the wall in Smith residence hall, the all-male freshman dorm in Historic Neighborhood. The incident occurred early in the morning Sept. 30 in a communal bathroom on the first floor. Elon Physical Plant is now using intense drying and heating machines to prevent mold growth on the first floor.

NEWS 10/5/17 6:22pm

On and off, short power outage across campus

Power outages spread across campus Thursday afternoon due to a cut electrical wire near East Trollinger Avenue, according to Lt. M. Brewer of the Town of Elon Police. Most South Campus locations' power should be restored at this time, excluding the Ellington Center and South Gym.  

NEWS 10/2/17 5:07pm

Vigil in Numen Lumen allows Elon community to grieve and reflect after Vegas tragedy

Members of the Elon community gathered in Numen Lumen Pavilion on Monday afternoon in what was called " a time of prayer and lament" following Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The vigil, which was hosted by the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, allowed people to speak and voice their thoughts and feelings. Among those that spoke were Jan Fuller, university chaplain, and Joel Harter, associate chaplain for protestant life.

NEWS 9/18/17 11:22pm

Off the tracks at the Burlington Carousel Festival

The cheerful music surrounding the carousel seems like an easy choice. Childhood fun brought to life for all people, whether they’re under the age of five, or above the age of fifty. Brianna Estrada says the festival ride that makes her feel like a kid again is the train. She’s the assistant to John Burgess, who is the real conductor of the trips around the park.

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