Come finals week, Elon University students tend to crowd into Belk Library to study, but space easily fills up. However, Elon has many alternative study spaces around campus for both solo studying and group work that are accessible to all students with a Phoenix card, and open 24 hours a day.

The Inman Reading Room, nicknamed the "Harry Potter room" by students, is located in the center of Lindner Hall. It is a fully silent study environment, but with long, lamp-lit tables, and leather couches. 

Global Commons also offers an ambient environment for studying and group work, but if the tables fill up on the first floor, head up to the second or third floor. If you need some outdoor stimulation, soft jazz and big open windows will make the Great Hall a good choice. Both levels offer a lounge-like environment with tables and couches, as well as televisions that can project presentations.

The School of Business and The School of Communications both offer study areas open to all majors during the day. After 9 p.m. each school is restricted to students with a corresponding major. 

The lounge surrounding the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in KOBC has multiple couches and computers that allow for group and individual work. The Media Sandbox on the second floor of Schar hall in the School of Communications offers students a collaborative study space with a television and computer, as well as unique seating and tabletop Mac computers for Adobe Suite work. 

If these study spaces are full, classrooms around campus are available for use after hours.  Academic buildings lock at 9 p.m. and can then be accessed with a Phoenix card.