NEWS 8/27/12 11:27pm

DNC Preview

Jason Puckett and Nicole Chadwick give us an idea of what Elon Local News will be covering at the Democratic National Convention next week.

NEWS 8/27/12 11:17pm

Presidential race heats up

The swing states will play a critical role in the race to the white house. As of now, Obama leads the CNN projected numbers with 237 electoral votes...Needing 33 more to win...While Romney holds 206 votes needing 64 more take over the White House. States in blue lean Democrat and states in red lean Republican while yellow states could lean with either party. Although North Carolina tends to vote Republican the numbers are shifting in favor of the Democrats.

NEWS 8/27/12 10:48pm

Republican National Convention Preview

I'm here at the Tampa Bay Convention Center where all the media are being held. This center is about a block away from the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the convention is set to convene. The whole area is secure.

NEWS 5/15/12 6:26am

Delta heads to DC, lobbies for Greek legislation

From sorority court to Capitol Hill, one Elon University student is leaving a mark on Greek life both on campus and across the country. Junior Anna McCracken was chosen to become one of approximately 100 student representatives of the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee to lobby in favor of the proposed Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act in Washington, D.C. If passed, the act would allow people to make tax-deductible donations to non-profit student housing organizations in the United States, as opposed to the current non-tax-deductible policy.

NEWS 5/10/12 10:22pm

Elon University alumnus makes Tumblr breakthrough

The idea came to Adam Smith, class of 2005, at a bar. After a long day at Public Campaign, the Washington non-profit organization where the Elon University alumnus works, Smith met up with his friend Stacy Lambe at Nellie’s Sports Bar. In addition to typical bar fodder, Hillary Clinton somehow became a topic of conversation.

NEWS 4/17/12 6:54pm

Clash of values prompts debate over birth control mandate

Across the nation and at Elon University, a dispute over church-affiliated organizations, hospitals and colleges having to cover birth control in their employees' health insurance plans has resulted in a debate that stems from two arguments: the lack of contraception availability for some women versus a violation of religious liberty for employers. In light of the Obama administration’s federal requirement that employers include complete contraception coverage under all health insurance plans, conservatives and some religious organizations not exempt under the original rule — any that are not considered a church or house of worship — expressed disproval of the mandate. The Obama administration has announced an accommodation for these organizations, according to a news release from the U.S.

NEWS 2/21/12 3:24pm

The Endemic of Apathy

Transparency was the buzzword at last week’s Student Government Association debate and in candidate speeches for the upcoming election.

NEWS 4/8/09 7:59pm

The Death of Corporate America?

Here's one: Imagine a world without WalMart. Where you walk onto the main street in town and buy coffee not at Starbuck's but from your friend, who knows exactly what you want and has it ready by the time you get to the counter.

NEWS 4/5/09 11:50pm

Boehner Taking Advantage of FOX's Rejection Of Fact-Based Journalism.

Fox News has lost its credibility when it has the House Republican Minority Leader John Boehner write a story on its blog starting with the phrase, "With Democrats now firmly in charge of Congress and the White House, Washington is increasingly out of control." Who even wants to read it with an open mind now, besides the far right? Let us address the issue that Republicans have in which, as Boehner puts it, "government is crossing lines [Americans] never thought they'd see their government cross." In the wake of an administration that nearly destroyed the reputation of the Republican party, it's pretty ballsy to say that. The only thing that can be referred to in this statement is the amount of money spent in the bills passed since January 20.