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NEWS 9/19/12 4:16pm

Elon Newsmakers: Emily Kane

Emily Kane, a member of Spectrum, Elon's gay-straight alliance, authored a proposed SGA resolution that would remove Chick-fil-A from Elon's campus.

NEWS 9/5/12 8:31am

Elon Newsmakers: Darien Flowers, SGA President

Elon Newsmakers seeks to highlight the movers and shakers on the Elon University campus. This week, SGA President sits down with Katie Blunt to talk about the class of 2016 elections, the Chick-Fil-A controversy and how he hopes to define his last semester in the SGA. Also read: Q&A with Darien Flowers

NEWS 5/15/12 2:52pm

Elon bucket list

[box] On a hot Friday afternoon, lay in the grass in front of Moseley. Ride the escalators in the campus bookstore.  (The only ones in Alamance County.) See music performed in Whitley Auditorium.  (Preferably organ music.) Play an intramural sport. (Bowling and cornhole are favorites.) Go to your Turning 21 dinner. Volunteer for Safe Rides.  (You’ll never forget it.) Eat at every on-campus dining location once. Make calls for the Elon Poll.  (You’ll talk to the most interesting people. Go to at least one baseball, basketball and football game. Photobomb a communications student taking pictures outside McEwen. Climb the magnolia tree between Long and Alamance.

NEWS 4/3/12 12:05pm

American countercultures fight conventional behavior with their own personalized style

In the past, countercultures have been some of the most influential groups in American history.  Hippies in the '60s broke society out of its post-war rigidity that prevailed through the '50s.  B-Boys brought hip-hop and graffiti into the mainstream, becoming a way to project then unspoken feelings in a way that grabbed the public’s attention.  But where is our counterculture?  Where are our B-Boys or hippies battling the mainstream in the eternal tug-of-war of culture? Well, there isn’t one.  But don’t lose hope.

NEWS 11/15/11 11:13pm

Reelz - Nov. 15, 2011 This week, Chris and special guest Zachary Horner talk about the past weekend's box office, Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars and the upcoming weekend's new releases, including the new Twilight film. Immortals Jack and Jill J.

NEWS 11/1/11 12:41am

Reelz - Nov. 1, 2011 Tune in as Caitlin and Chris discuss the top five hits from the box office last weekend and what will be hitting the theaters this weekend. Puss in Boots Paranormal Activity 3 In Time Footloose The Rum Diary Tower Heist A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

NEWS 9/12/11 12:39am

Give 'United We Stand' meaning once again

On September 12th 2001 there was very little to be positive about in the United States.  The nation had moved out of the disbelief that follows a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude and had begun processing what we just witnessed.   As a nation, we were fearful and uncertain. If there was one thing that was the silver lining on September 12th 2001, one thing to be positive about, it was that you were not alone.  Although everyone was hurt to different degrees, those who were lucky enough to have all of their loved ones safe began to help those who needed consoling.  Some near New York even jumped to action searching the rubble for anyone still alive. Around the country, everyone was hurt and confused but somehow in sharing this feeling of weakness, we gained strength.  Everyone took that little bit of power they had left in them and instead of trying to make it stand on its own they added it to others and found more strength than would have been possible alone.  Eventually, someone borrowed a phrase to explain that strength: United We Stand. Today, those three words are merely a relic of the tragedy.  As time went on we reverted to our argumentative norm and the phrase became a call for conformity.  That isn't surprising though.  We have always argued and we will always argue.  Our ability to disagree is one of the things that make our country great.  But today the tone of our vitriol has overridden our ability to come together and do what needs to be done. Ironically, this problem is perfectly presented in the 9/11 healthcare controversy.  The Zadroga bill, as it's called, allowed for billions of dollars in funding to be provided to the men and women who now suffer from various health issues caused by rushing into the rubble after the towers collapsed.  Funding for this care came from closing a tax loophole on foreign companies.  Although the bill eventually passed and was signed it was subject to filibuster in the senate and for a time was considered unlikely to pass before the end of 2010. If there was ever a bill that was an easy vote, this was it.  But instead it was held hostage and Republican leadership demanded that it not be supported in order to make a point about the Bush tax cuts. The Zadroga bill is just the beginning.  Lest we forget about our downgraded credit rating caused by an uncooperative, divided congress. Though our country isn't facing the kind of drastic tragedy we saw on 9/11, we are still in a midst of a minor crisis.  America is looking to Washington for bravery and leadership to combat uncertain times but all we're finding is dysfunction and divisiveness.   The brave men and women that took action ten years ago are the perfect example of doing what is needed with out worrying about what they'll get in return or what others would think.  Maybe it's time we thought about the three words from those old banners and bumper stickers: United We Stand.

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