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NEWS 11/20/14 4:40pm

Electoral College: national candidates make headlines

Throughout election night, Elon Local News spoke with candidates from all over North Carolina. In ELN's Midterm Election coverage, Katie Maraghy looked into national candidates making headlines in Electoral College. From Idaho to Iowa, check out these 2014 Midterm Election candidates and learn a little more about them below: BOB QUAST: HARLEY BROWN: WALT BAYES: STEVE VAILLANCOURT: MONICA WEHBY: [youtube=]

NEWS 9/16/14 10:08am

Around the State: Horsin' around with Elon's service learning community

It's an early Saturday morning on Sept. 13, and Elon's service learning community isn't sleeping in. The group from Virginia Hall's first floor is up early to lend a hand at the Kopper Top Life Learning Center in Liberty, N.C. The farm for horses, cats, dogs, goats, bunnies and chickens opened 24 years ago with just three horses, and has provided a safe place for disabled children and adults to interact with animals in a form of interactive therapy ever since. With more than 30 horses today, the farm is an opportunity for clients to get a true hands-on experience. "It's actually amazing to see all these people come down, work on the horses, grooming them," said Elizabeth Canto, first year student.

NEWS 6/4/14 1:27am

New Hillel director to start in July

Elon Hillel has named a new director who will replace Nancy Luberoff in July. Rabbi Rebecca Joseph, who will also serve as an associate chaplain for Jewish life, is an ordained rabbi.

NEWS 11/19/13 11:10pm

Studios release blockbusters in time for holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, film studios are releasing some of their largest films of the year as students are on vacation from school and award season will kick off early next year. This holiday season, sequels are the name of the game.

NEWS 11/19/13 1:52pm

Campus solicitation policy still allows advertising

Elon does not have a solicitation policy for on campus mail, preventing most outside vendors from leaving flyers, coupons or other advertisements in student's mailboxes, but students still see outside advertisements in their mailboxes. It turns out there are some exceptions to this policy that are allowed by Elon's relationship with International Management Group, a sports management company that works closely with the athletic department on campus. IMG, who is responsible for stadium signs, team programs and sponsorships among many other branding outlets concerning sports, works with the community to match local businesses advertising with the students it wishes to reach. Jacob Powers, the general manager of Elon IMG, is a vital part of connecting outside vendors with the branding they're looking for. "We put together a platform, a marketing plan that would hit all of their wants," Powers said. Advertising in on campus mail boxes happens a few times a year at the beginning of a new sports season. Powers stressed the importance of spreading out ads over the course of a year. "It goes from September of football all the way to April and May and baseball season," Powers said.

NEWS 11/5/13 6:42pm

College Cooking: Cake Pops

It's already November and the holidays are right around the corner. Simple desserts are an easy and cheap cooking option for college students, and they are great for holiday parties.

NEWS 10/21/13 11:17pm

Cutting back on costume prices

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be planning out your costume. If you're looking to cut back on spending as the holiday season gets closer, there are a few ways to save money before getting dressed up for the scariest night of the year. Before reaching for your wallet, ask around and see if people have parts of old costumes you can borrow.

NEWS 10/7/13 10:11pm

Historical Town Gives Guests a Look into the Past

Students not headed home for Fall Break can head 40 minutes down the road to the historical village of Old Salem. Founded in 1766 by a Protestant group called the Moravians, Old Salem acted primarily as a town for craftsmen instead of an agricultural town like many of the surrounding areas. Tyler Cox, Manager of Community relations for Winston Salem, says he enjoys giving back to the community and seeing people from all over come to visit. "We consider ourselves the Monticello of Winston Salem," Cox said.

NEWS 10/2/13 10:53am

Networking the Right Way Over Email

With the digital age dominating the way college students stay in touch, effective networking over email becomes increasingly important. When reaching out to potential employers, whether as a follow up or a first-time contact, there are a few essential parameters to keep in mind. First, start your email off strong with a subject line that will grab the recipient's attention.

NEWS 9/17/13 7:20pm

Health Center Gets Facelift

This year, Elon's population expanded to 5,357 students. With the growth in student enrollment, comes a growth in campus infrastructure, according to U.S.

NEWS 9/11/13 11:08am

New iPhone Presses to New Heights

Apple is known for keeping the details of yet-to-be-released products close to its chest, and this time around is no different. Almost a year after releasing the iPhone 5, Apple scheduled a media event for Tuesday, Sept.

NEWS 9/4/13 6:50pm

Students should start investing early, advisors say

While college students may not be known for having disposable incomes, those that do have options have the ability to go beyond simply having a savings account. David Gray, a financial advisor with Capital Management in Greensboro, said he sees investing early as a key component to getting on the right track, financially. "No matter how small the amount, it's the habit you want to develop," Gray said.

NEWS 9/2/13 2:44pm

Top five companies that pay interns big bucks

Every summer, many Elon students choose to work as interns across the country in order to fulfill their Experiential Learning Requirement, a mandatory program which all students must complete, prior to graduation. While a majority of internships are unpaid, 20 companies just made national news for how much they pay their interns each month, according to Yahoo!

NEWS 5/14/13 1:32pm

Student has special tie to Derby Winner

The Kentucky Derby saw Maryland thoroughbred Orb in its most recent winner's circle a little more than a week ago. Sophomore Dave Pons has a special tie to the racehorse that put him right at the finish line at Churchill Downs. Pons' father breeds racehorses at Merryland Farms in Hydes, Maryland.

NEWS 4/11/13 12:07pm

New Social Media Manager Logs On

Elon University posts photos, videos and tweets each day, but who is in charge of social media on campus? Philip Jones came to Elon from WFMY where he worked as a reporter for four years. "I was ready for a new challenge," Jones said.

NEWS 3/12/13 12:51pm

Adventures in Asheville

While some Elon students just got back from a weekend in Asheville where they rooted on the men and women's basketball teams, there's more to Asheville than watching basketball. On any given street, one will walk past street musicians, art galleries and chocolate shops with homemade fudge displayed in the window. European restaurants, boutiques and unique architecture provide plenty for a visitor to take in. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] Right across the street from the U.S.

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