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NEWS 5/6/16 5:23pm

Dr. Danieley to retire from teaching

Dr. James Earl Danieley, a member of the Elon University faculty since 1946, will retire from teaching at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, according to family members and university sources.

NEWS 5/1/16 2:30pm

In CAA, more opportunities for institutional, athletic growth

Elon University’s move to the Colonial Athletic Association, announced May 2013 but not official until July 2014, was met with considerable financial weight and legitimate concerns with regard to travel and level of competition. But about two years in, fresh off the first CAA Championships that Elon hosted, it’s clear that the move was the right move for not just the athletic department, but the institution as a whole. Elon’s Jimmy Powell Tennis Center hosted the CAA Tennis Championships last weekend, with both the Phoenix men and women falling in tight semifinal matches.

NEWS 4/27/16 1:35am

Elon hosts 2016 SURF Day

International & Global Studies | Communications (Session 1 Civil Rights Focus) | Business | Communications (Session 2) | PERCS | Environmental Studies Elon University hosted its annual SURF Day 2016 to showcase recent student research.  Pendulum news reporters Emmanuel Morgan, Mackenzie Dunn, Madison Demmitt, Micah Spoerndle and Michael Somerby reported on a variety of SURF Day sessions.

NEWS 4/25/16 1:41pm

Magnitude-7.8 earthquake strikes Ecuador

On Saturday, April 16, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador’s coast, killing hundreds and injuring thousands more. Countless others await aid in more rural areas. The hardest-hit area of the South American nation was the coastal Manabi Province, a main tourist area.

NEWS 4/19/16 10:18am

How a contested convention would run

GOP candidates require 1,237 delegate votes to win the national convention, and right now Donald Trump is in the lead, trailed closely by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). If Trump fails to reach the majority number to secure his nomination before the July convention, there’s a possible opportunity for delegates to vote for another nominee on the floor, prompting a contested convention. With the 2016 GOP convention just three months away, Trump, Cruz and Kasich are candidates to watch out for.

NEWS 3/9/16 11:00am

Kasich has the right experience to move GOP forward

The race for the Republican presidential nomination so far has largely been filled with yelling, insults and even a reference to one of the candidate’s genitalia. This is far from what we expect from adults running for the greatest office in our country.

NEWS 2/12/16 12:26pm

Cheat sheet: Zika virus

Doctors working in the maternity wards of Recife, Brazil, noticed a spike in late August 2015 in babies born with a medical condition known as microcephaly — a defect characterized by normal head construction up to the eyebrows but with little-to-no forehead or upper cranial formation.

NEWS 2/4/16 8:16am

Cheat sheet: Oregon standoff

The FBI has recently released video of a Jan. 26 shooting in Oregon, the climax of a month-long standoff involving more than a dozen individuals occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon.

NEWS 11/13/15 10:18am

Alamance County assessment indicates residents’ concerns

The recently released 2015 Alamance County Community Assessment identified three challenges for county residents: access to care, education and economic issues.  The county plans to focus on these areas in its planning efforts for the next three years, according to a Burlington Times-News report.

NEWS 10/28/15 1:09pm

Cheat Sheet: Speaker of the House

NEWS Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is set to officially know if the title of Speaker of the House will be in his future.  Dubbed currently the House Speaker-in-waiting, the decision to elect Ryan to one of the top positions will be voted on during a secret-ballot GOP election Wednesday and a full House vote Thursday.  After years of resisted pressure to take on a more prominent role in the party, the decision for Ryan to nominate himself as a potential candidate for the position did not come quickly.

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