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NEWS 9/15/14 9:58pm

Apples and Airplanes rocks Elon tailgate

Football and tailgating weren't the only seasonal favorites welcomed at Elon this Saturday; so was Apples and Airplanes, a Raleigh-based multi-instrumental alternative modern rock band. "We love playing at Elon,"said Aaron Ordy, guitar player for the band.

NEWS 7/14/14 9:37pm

Update: Police Believe Armed Robbery was Falsified

An Elon store clerk has been arrested and charged with filing a false police report, larceny by employee and resisting a public officer. Steven Shane Jernigan, 24, was taken into custody Wednesday, according to the Elon Police report.

NEWS 6/23/14 1:51pm

Armed robbery reported in Elon

An armed robbery was reported Monday morning at Jay's Mart, a convenience store located about a mile east of Elon University at 951 East Haggard Ave. According to an email about the incident from Vice President of Student Life Smith Jackson, a male suspect displayed a blue handgun, before fleeing the scene on a black and orange moped eastbound on East Haggard.

NEWS 6/5/14 5:25pm

Pedestrian killed by train near Elon

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a train near Elon University at 2:03 p.m. on Thursday. The accident occurred near the train crossing on Gilliam Road, across from the Phoenix Arms apartment complex. The victim was identified as Justin Lamar Swanson, 27, of Burlington.

NEWS 2/10/14 7:08pm

Evidence suppressed in United States v. Alexis Gray

A handwritten note containing plans for committing and cleaning up a murder cannot be admitted as evidence in the prosecution of United States v. Alexis Gray, due to a ruling by Federal Judge William Osteen. The note was discovered in a "sippy-cup" in Gray's gold Acura, a closed container that Elon Campus Police did not have a valid warrant to search.

NEWS 5/14/13 12:29pm

Students Protest Intolerance at College Coffee

(DISCLAIMER: The following article contains offensive language. This reflects the decision of Elon Local News to accurately report the protest by quoting the students involved.) Students staged a demonstration at College Coffee on Tuesday morning, protesting what they claim is intolerance and inaction at Elon University. "Your silence is acceptance," senior Jasmine Whaley said, starting the protest. In unison, the protestors yelled slurs including "faggot," "dyke," "nigger," "coon," and "feminazi." After each slur, an individual student said: "Don't accept it, speak against it." [div class="alignleft"] [/div] "You are probably more offended by the words than the culture of apathy that allows it to happen," Whaley said.

NEWS 4/30/13 5:34pm

Charlotte Mayor tapped as Secretary of Transportation

President Barack Obama officially named Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as his nominee for Secretary of Transportation Monday afternoon. In his announcement from the White House East Room, Obama praised Foxx's record of creating jobs and making Charlotte more attractive for businesses. The President also tasked Foxx to start repairing the nation's infrastructure.

NEWS 4/25/13 12:06pm

Chick-fil-A To Remain At Elon

After months of deliberation, the Board of Trustees has elected for Chick-fil-A to remain on campus after reviewing a report submitted by the Vendor Policy Committee. The committee was formed in November 2012, after controversy arose over Chick-fil-A's presence in Octagon Cafe in the Moseley Center. The original petition to remove the restaurant from campus was filed by Spectrum, an LGBTQ advocacy group, after Chick-fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy made controversial statements regarding same-sex marriage in June 2012 on a Christian talk show. "Well, guilty as charged," Cathy said, when asked about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

NEWS 4/15/13 4:48pm

Explosions reported at Boston Marathon

Witnesses are reporting two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon shortly before 3 p.m. According to Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, two explosions occurred simultaneously on Boylston Street, and the third explosion occurred at JFK Library.

NEWS 4/9/13 10:24pm

Dozens at Elon event affected by gastrointestinal illness

At least 44 people associated with an on-campus event at Elon University have reported symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, according to an email sent by Dr. Ginette Archinal, University Physician and Dr. Jana Lynn Patterson, Assistant Vice President for Student Life. Elon University, the Alamance County Health Department and the N.C.

NEWS 3/19/13 10:38pm

Former Elon football star stabbed

Scott Riddle, former star quarterback of the Elon football team, was stabbed in a fight outside an Asheboro night club around 2:20 Saturday morning, according to Asheboro police. Police say Riddle and another man, Dakota Ryan Parsons, were involved in a fight inside the night club,Shenanigans, before the manager threw them out.

NEWS 3/12/13 11:23pm

Former Elon Student Died Monday

A former Elon University student passed away Monday, according to an email from Dr. Smith Jackson, Vice President for Student Life. Melanie Manley, who was last enrolled at Elon in the fall, passed away at Alamance County Medical Center accompanied by her family and fiance.

NEWS 2/26/13 5:00pm

Student Hit by Car on East Haggard Avenue

A first-year, female Elon student was hit by a car on East Haggard Avenue today, at the crosswalk outside of the Powell building, according to Director of the Elon University New Bureau's, Eric Towsend, Twitter account. According to Alamance County Communications, Elon Police and EMS responded to a call around 3:23 p.m.

NEWS 12/21/12 1:27pm

DOJ files civil rights suit against Alamance County Sheriff

The United States Department of Justice filed a civil rights lawsuit against Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson Thursday, after he was faced with allegations of racial profiling and discrimination. The lawsuit claims that Johnson has violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and Section 14141 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which guard against unreasonable search and seizure and guarantee due process. The DOJ has investigated the Sheriff's Office since 2009, and on Sept.

NEWS 11/25/12 8:39pm

Campus Police stop armed woman at Danieley Center

Campus security apprehended a young woman in possession of a rifle, ammunition and other weapons on Elon University's campus Sunday, according to an email sent by Dr. Smith Jackson, Vice President and Dean of Students. "Elon Campus Police averted a potentially dangerous situation today when they took into custody Alexis Gray, 18, of Holland, Pennsylvania, a student at a Pennsylvania university," Jackson said in the email. Gray's parents alerted her former boyfriend, an Elon student, that she was on her way to Elon and that they were concerned for her welfare.

NEWS 11/5/12 10:25pm

Clinton rallies support for Obama in Raleigh

More than 4,000 North Carolinians gathered in Pullen Park in Raleigh Sunday afternoon to hear former President Bill Clinton campaign for President Barack Obama's reelection bid. "He's [Obama] outperformed Europe, he's outperformed his predecessor, and he deserves a chance to finish the job," Clinton said, as supporters waved American flags and signs chanting "Forward, not back." In earlier weeks polls projected Republican presidential nominee and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney winning North Carolina.

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