LIFESTYLE 4/5/17 3:00pm

Freshman student charges into technology industry

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon First-Year Jack Kane all have in common? They all started technology companies in a college dorm room. This past December, Kane was looking online for a new iPhone charger and struggled to find one that was high quality but still fit in his college student budget.

LIFESTYLE 3/15/17 8:00am

Arranging a cappella

Sophomore Anna Corsiglia almost didn’t go to her a cappella auditions freshman out of nerves. But today, she is arranging a version of “Greedy” by Ariana Grande as music director for the Shirley Tempos. “Over the summer I arranged a song by Panic at the Disco!

LIFESTYLE 3/1/17 8:00am

Elon Eats: Warm atmosphere at Filament Coffee and Tea

Something about the twinkling lights across the ceiling and local art hanging from the walls make Filament Coffee + Tea feel like home. Less than 30 minutes west of Elon University in downtown Mebane, Filament is a cozy cafe dedicated to serving fresh coffee, tea and pastries, as well as showcasing the work of local artisans. One of Filament’s baristas, Karly Thomas, said that the cafe attracts a variety of customers, making it an interesting place to spend your time. “One of the things I love is the diversity of the people that come in,” she said.

LIFESTYLE 2/28/17 12:26pm

'My Black is' project hopes to break down barriers

“My Black is,” is a simple yet complex phrase- just like blackness. For senior Chann Little, it is the title of his recent video project which displays what black students on campus define their blackness as with a one-word answer. Little was inspired for this project after seeing the phrase “my black is solid,” printed on shirts that students wore during Black Solidarity day, a day-long event sponsored by the CREDE for students that identify as black. “My black is black people labeling themselves in positive ways,” Little said, “I just wanted to add on that and make it where we can reclaim our own blackness because I feel like society labels black people a lot.”   This project is part of Little’s blog “Chann Daily,” which he began in November of 2016.