BURLINGTON — A “please seat yourself” sign greets you as you walk into a new sports bar in Burlington, which was packed like sardines on one Sunday afternoon.

North Carolinians come in to enjoy the new restaurant, Drake’s, for a good mix of food and an even better atmosphere. 

“Honestly, beer, burgers and sushi man,” Robin Collins, managing partner, said. “Yeah, it’s a good mix for sure.”

If you go...

Location: 1377 Boone Station Dr. Burlington
Monday to Saturday: 11 a.m.-1 a.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. to midnight

Drake’s has locations all over the southeast. This one is on 1377 Boone Station Dr., right down the street from Alamance Crossing — approximately 10 minutes from Elon University.

The beer kegs are lined up around the main bar, surrounded by high definition TVs that lock up the attention of visitors. 

Each wall in Drake’s is lined with garage doors, which compliments the open layout and gives the sports bar a unique indoor and outdoor atmosphere. 

Giant Jenga, four-square and corn hole games fill up an astroturf room adjacent to the bar. 

“Come in and keep an open mind,” Collins said. “Have a good time and come play with us.”  

You’ll find an Aqua Sushi counter in the corner of the restaurant which features their fresh, hand-rolled sushi. 

Under the blue logo, you’ll find sushi roll previews showcased below glass. 

The manager recommends their signature Rangoon roll: a crab and cream cheese stuffed seaweed roll that’s fried, tempura style, and garnished with a sweet chili sauce. 

Toasted on small buttered buns, burgers are the usual main course. The manager is biased toward one in particular. 

“The Juicy Lucy’s are by far my favorite because it’s going to have a perfect mix between those ground beef patties and it’s got peppercorn mayo on there with some tomatoes and pickles.” 

Collins also said they are doing great with revenue. In the first few weeks, they were pulling in $160,000. According to Collins, business is booming.

“New people like, man, it’s crazy,” Collins says. “We get new people every day who have never even seen our brand. So it’s exciting overall.”

Exciting indeed. Collins said they are pulling in about $120,000 in revenue this fall, give or take. Drake’s emanates a lively energy. The workers are decked out in their black and red attire, enthusiastically fetching drinks and food for hungry customers.  

Collins accredits the high demand to the restaurant’s ambiance. 

"The atmosphere brings them in and the food keeps them coming."

Robin Collins

Managing Partner

“It’s something that is definitely hard to compete with,” Collins said. “The atmosphere brings them in and the food keeps them coming.”

This isn’t your typical sports bar dining experience. Drake’s doesn’t feel like your local Buffalo Wild Wings. The decorations are stylish and modern, and they have tasty menu items that set them apart from the pack.  

The restaurant has been open since June. From the look of it, Elon students have a noteworthy new place to enjoy their favorite food and alcohol for televised sporting events.