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NEWS 11/17/17 12:12pm

The checkout game: How some students try and get out of room violations

With Thanksgiving Break just a few days away, many students are in a hurry to rush out the door and get their breaks started. But on-campus dorm rooms still need to be check-out ready. Unlike the first health and safety checks of the semester, there won't be any follow-up room checks, so if a violation, like string lights, alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, or items hanging from the ceiling, is found, $25 fine per violation will be issued.

NEWS 6/20/17 1:30am

Town of Elon passes 3 cent tax hike

The town of Elon will see a three cent tax hike this upcoming fiscal year. The Board of Alderman passed a $10.7 million budget on Tuesday, which was introduced by Elon Town Manager Richard White and will increase the tax rate from 42 cents per $100 valuation to 45 cents. The tax increase, according to White, will pay for six new positions, including the conversion of a position with the Recreation and Parks department from part time to full time, new equipment for town departments, and a major town project. The budget includes the addition of three firefighters and two police officers, spending $64,000 on an excavator and trailer for the Public Works Department, $138,000 for three police vehicles and $515,000 on water projects.

NEWS 4/7/17 6:00pm

SGA hosts town hall as part of sexual assault awareness month

The Student Government Association hosted its 6th town hall on Thursday, which allowed students to openly discuss the issue of gender and sexual-based violence on campus.  The event, moderated by Elon News Network Executive Director Jackie Pascale, was meant to facilitate a discussion about what were issues surrounding the topic of sexual harassment, specifically on Elon's campus, and what the role of students is in solving those issues. The town hall was the first event hosted by the incoming student body administration, which was sworn in just a few days after spring break.  Student Body President Morgan Bodenarain said that although there is already a conversation about gender and sexual-based violence on campus, the climate surrounding it is a conversation that the organization wanted to have. "I think a lot of time we talk about how the administration is responding to these kinds of things, but never how the student body is responding to it," said Bodenarain.

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