LIFESTYLE 2/2/20 11:03am

BEST OF: Student Performance

Director Douglas Hall turned 1950s-based “Damn Yankees” into a story relevant in the modern day for the Elon University drama department’s annual fall musical. Despite the play’s age, Hall said he believes that its story is still worthwhile.

LIFESTYLE 2/2/20 10:21am

BEST OF: Vegan Option

Village Juice Co., located above McEwen Dining Hall, is Elon’s favorite food option for vegan students or those who want a healthier breakfast or lunch.

LIFESTYLE 2/1/20 7:21am

BEST OF: Breakfast

Even though the renovated McEwen Dining Hall has only been open for about a year, it has quickly become Elon students’ favorite spot for breakfast.

LIFESTYLE 1/31/20 9:51am

BEST OF: Fine Dining

Prego’s has been serving up New York-style Italian food to the area for nearly 15 years now, constantly leaving customers saying “thank you.”

LIFESTYLE 1/30/20 9:32am

BEST OF: First Date Spot

With tables adorned with U.S. maps, built-in stools and the overall modern feel of the store, Pandora’s has proven to be the perfect location for the college date experience.  

LIFESTYLE 1/28/20 7:45am

BEST OF: Campus Study Spot

Global Commons, located in the heart of the Global Neighborhood, was voted “Best Campus Study Space.” The recognition comes with little surprise, with the number of study areas which provide all students with the opportunity to find an enjoyable place to do homework or study. 

LIFESTYLE 1/26/20 2:49pm

BEST OF: Day Trip

With the sun setting, casting yellow and orange tints across the Appalachian Mountains that protect Asheville, North Carolina, freshman Connor Witsoe stood with his friend at the peak of the Craggy Pinnacle trail, about 20 miles from the city.

LIFESTYLE 1/26/20 12:37pm

BEST OF: Grocery store

For the third consecutive year, Burlington’s Harris Teeter has earned the title “Best Grocery Store.” Located just two miles from campus, this Southern chain continues to serve as a one-stop shop for Elon students.

LIFESTYLE 1/26/20 8:28am

BEST OF: Neighborhood

A poll of the Elon community says Historic Neighborhood is the best neighborhood on Elon’s campus. Historic beat out Global, Colonnades, Danieley, East and Oaks neighborhoods for the title.

LIFESTYLE 1/26/20 8:26am

BEST OF: Living Learning Community

The Communications Living Learning Community at Elon University is a place where people interested in the many fields of communications can come together to establish personal and professional relationships with each other.

LIFESTYLE 1/25/20 1:37pm

BEST OF: Best hiking spot

After finding balance on a rock half her size, freshman Camilla Manning exhaled before lunging to the next one. She repeated this movement several times throughout her hike to the peak of Pilot Mountain with her two friends. At the summit, they took in the long stretch of rolling hills and countryside that covers North Carolina.

LIFESTYLE 1/24/20 12:41pm


Paul Jaskulski, owner of Paulie’s Pub and Grill, said he opened the bar out of a love for both cooking and college students. This is Paulie’s second consecutive year as the “Best Bar” in Elon. 

LIFESTYLE 1/24/20 8:31am

BEST OF: Major

Political science focuses on analyzing and researching politics, with many people focusing on domestic, international or policy affairs. A major that spreads across multiple interests and offers various career fields, political science gives students opportunities in government and politics.

LIFESTYLE 1/23/20 11:55am


Elon in LA, one of Elon’s Study USA experiences, allows students to explore the city of Los Angeles while continuing to earn credits for their major.

LIFESTYLE 1/22/20 1:45am

BEST OF: Staff pick - best individual activity

At Elon, something is going on all the time. On top of that, you’re probably tired, have a quiz coming up that you aren’t fully prepared for and have to sit through a lecture in a class you don’t really like. With the busy culture that Elon embodies, taking a moment to relax and be in the moment can be a rare occurrence.