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LIFESTYLE 4/16/21 10:44am

Spring production of "Macbeth" brews stylistic prophecy

“Macbeth” is a Shakespearean production based on the idea of how power corrupts, but following the insurrection at the country’s capitol, the play’s director, Kim Shively made it a priority to convey the work in a way that did not bear any resemblance to the political discrepancies occurring in the US. 

SPORTS 4/6/21 3:04pm

Playing with fire: Elon's only feature twirler

Growing up, many children are warned not to play with fire. But Elon University junior Jill Ford did just the opposite. Ford has a position in Elon’s “Fire of the Carolinas” marching band dancing with batons as the school’s feature twirler. Throughout her performances Ford can be seen simultaneously twirling up to three — sometimes flaming — batons. 

LIFESTYLE 1/29/21 6:53pm

President Book welcomes home new puppy

A mere four pounds and full of energy, this week, Elon University President Connie Book welcomed home her new dog, Beaux Oakley. The 12-week-old Yorkshire Terrier was adopted from a breeder in Oak Ridge; a town about 35 miles west from Elon. 

NEWS 11/24/20 12:08pm

Physical distance regulations change senior experiences

Rather than attending tailgates, formals, the Elon Ball and other group gatherings, Elon University seniors this year must spend their final year at Elon following of mask ordinances and physical distancing regulations. For some seniors, not having the option to attend campus-wide events with friends and family has been one of the hardest changes they have had to come to terms with. 

LIFESTYLE 11/19/20 1:21pm

Burlington Animal Services sees increase in fostering

Rather than to connect friends and family, Burlington Animal Services is using online video chatting in a different way — to connect people and pets. Rather than staying at the BAS facility, 90% of their animals are currently in foster homes, whereas before coronavirus, Arias estimated that no more than 25-30% of their animals were in foster care. 

NEWS 11/3/20 3:31pm

Alamance County voters head to the polls on Election Day

As of Nov. 3, North Carolina had 7.3 million registered voters, according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website. NCSBE said it anticipates that the results reported by the end of election night will include 97% or more of all ballots cast in North Carolina in the 2020 general election. Some Alamance County voters opted to vote in-person on Election Day.

SPORTS 10/22/20 4:13pm

Cheer stretches beyond the sidelines for Elon cheerleader

Elon senior and cheerleader Zach Wallace started cheerleading in 2011 while he was in middle school and became enamored with the sport. Wallace is a skilled cheerleader and trains at the highest level in the sport on the national level. Although he has cheered on the mat at several international cheerleading competitions, his favorite place to cheer is at Elon football games. 

LIFESTYLE 10/20/20 9:58am

Quarantine's impact on mental health

Students who test positive for COVID-19 or are in close contact with a positive case are required to quarantine. These students are in isolation to contain the spread of the virus. But as a result of their solitude, their mental health can face negative effects.   

LIFESTYLE 10/3/20 2:13pm

Sisters set out to create a sustainable style

In June 2019, Brigette Hedvat '20 launched UENVI with her sister, Adrienne Hedvat, who is now a senior at Elon University. UENVI is a sustainable lifestyle company that makes an array of one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from t-shirts to swimwear. 

NEWS 6/18/20 3:55pm

LabCorp, Cone Health help mitigate coronavirus pandemic on local and national scale

With the help of LabCorp, Cone Health started providing polymerase chain reaction tests to their patients. LabCorp was the first commercial lab in the U.S. to provide these tests. With testing at three different locations in North Carolina — one located in Alamance County at the Alamance Regional Medical Center — healthcare workers at Cone Health collect nasal swabs from patients then shipped the samples to LabCorp for testing.

LIFESTYLE 3/6/20 8:48am

PASSION PROJECTS: Sculpting a business

The motorized spinning of the pottery wheel matches the rhythmic hand motion of junior Thomas Cadman as he molds a chunk of clay into his latest piece of art. According to Cadman, his whole body engages with the process as he works on the piece.

LIFESTYLE 2/24/20 4:15pm

Pilates studio hosts new classes

The studio came to life through the work of Campus Recreation & Wellness and the Department of Performing Arts and was inspired by the direct benefits that Pilates provides to dancers.

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