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NEWS 6/6/20 1:44pm

Elon parent faces backlash for conversation on race and the university

After seeing President Connie Book’s statement amid national protests about police brutality Elon parent Velada Chaires, decided to start a conversation. In a parent-run Facebook group not affiliated with the university called Elon Parent to Parent Page, she posted about Elon’s past to look critically at race at Elon in the present.

SPORTS 2/14/20 12:11am

Blue Hens end Phoenix hot streak

Elon University men's basketball (9-18, 5-9 CAA) fell to the No. 2 ranked team in the conference, the University of Delaware Blue Hens (18-7, 9-4 CAA) 81-75 on Thursday night. The Phoenix looked to continue a three-game win streak, but fell short down the stretch.

NEWS 2/27/18 12:00am

Zagster bike-sharing program ends

Zagster, the bike-sharing program implemented by the SGA last February, has ended. The pilot program was originally created by the Student Issues Committee after students requested a bike-sharing program. Student Body Secretary Rachel Hobbs said it took two years of research to get the system up and running. 

NEWS 11/11/17 1:34pm

SGA and BSU make strides to better race relations at Elon

In light of the Student Government Association’s Inclusivity Week, the body joined with the Black Student Union  to discuss the state of race relations on Elon University's campus. On Thursday evening, SGA and BSU held a town hall forum for an open conversation discussing race. A topic thoroughly discussed throughout the forum was the feeling of exclusion of minority groups on campus. Phrases like “microaggressions” and “sense of belonging” were repeated as the students expressed themselves. 

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