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OPINIONS 9/23/18 2:15pm

BROWN: Vacation Florence

Rather than using this natural disaster as a cute caption on your Instagram post or as an excuse to fly to your untouched home, use it as a chance to empathize with those around you. See being a temporary North Carolina resident as a privilege and an opportunity to serve the state during its loss.

NEWS 4/27/18 1:44am

SGA gives donation of $1,000 to the Chaplain Discretionary Fund

SGA decided to give an annual donation of $1,000 to the Chaplin Discretionary Fund tonight at their weekly business meeting. The Chaplin Fund was established at Elon University to help students, faculty and staff who are in need additional support. Jana Lynn Patterson, advisor to SGA, said examples of this include sudden illness, injury, accident, food insecurity or a natural disaster. 

NEWS 4/13/18 10:41pm

SGA holds its first business meeting of the new year

SGA held its first business meeting of the new 2018-2019 legislative year after hosting a town hall last week. For the new executive officers — Executive President Kenneth Brown Jr., Executive Vice President Charlie Cheema, Executive Secretary Jack Johnson and Executive Treasurer Max Pivonka —  it was their first time leading a meeting. 

NEWS 4/12/18 3:20pm

Remembering the Holocaust

“Some things are so terrible, you don’t forget,” said Ella Mueller, who was born 90 years ago in Padew, a village in Poland home to a German community.

NEWS 4/10/18 10:02pm

Town of Elon celebrates Founder's Day

The town of Elon celebrated its 125th anniversary today over cake with North Carolina General Assembly Sen. Rick Gunn of District 24 and District 64 House Representative Dennis Riddell. The state representatives came to the town to honor its 125th anniversary, recognizing the quality of college and town relationship. 

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