SGA held its final business meeting of the 2019-2020 legislative year following its election announcements. To wrap up the year, the senate approved three special allocations and approved two pieces of legislation. One piece gave women more access to hygiene products and the other educated the body about environmental concerns in Alamance County. 

The senate approved legislation for the pilot program "Free the Flow" for the next two years, a program that puts menstrual products in female and gender-neutral bathrooms across campus. $11,000 was given to this program for the next two years for Elon University Physical Plant and SGA both to restock products in fifteen locations on campus. 

Sophie Zinn, class of 2019 senator, has spearheaded the "Free the Flow" initiative as chair of the Student Issues Committee. 

"We as members believe that a woman's natural cycle shouldn't interfere with her access to her education," said Zinn. "And we want to seek to ensure that products are avaliable across campus for female students." 

The senate also approved three special allocations at the meeting. A total of $4,000 was given to the Elon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity for a charter event in Chapel Hill, over $2,000 was given to the Latin Hispanic Union for a conference at Western Carolina University and over $1,600 was given to a Dance and Choreography project. The funding for these special allocations comes from SGA's rollover fund.  

The most discussion was raised over funding for the organization Beta Theta Pi. Jana Patterson, faculty advisor to Student Government association, said that it is not unprecedented for student government to fund a social fratnerity for a special allocation, but it isn't a regular occurrence. A few senators felt as if the request from Beta Theta Pi was extraneous. 

"I dont think it falls on support of the students to fund an event of a voluntary organization," said Liam Collins, junior class vice president. 

But, an organization like Beta Theta Pi can receive funding from student government even though it is a closed organization because of how special allocation funds are granted. Any organization or individual can request funding for any project or event by asking for a special allocation, according to Executive Secretary Maxwell Pivonka. 

Overall, support for the legislation passed by a 22-2-2 vote. Two senators abstained and two voted against.

The senate also approved legislation for student government to take a stand against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a gas pipeline company that has plans to establish in Alamance County. Legislation from SGA said that the pipeline would be six miles from campus. 

Many organizers and environmentalists in Alamance County have spoken out against a pipeline in area. In September of 2018, the Alamance County Board of Commissioners unanimously opposed the pipeline

The university has not provided a comment about the pipeline. 

Approved legislation from student government reads, "We, the members of the Elon University Student Government Association, are opposed to the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate extension entering and being installed in Alamance County."