WINSTON-SALEM — Adjunct, limited-term and visiting Elon University faculty members voted in favor of establishing a union at Elon. Out of the 283 eligible voters, 112 voted for the union, and 68 were against.

Twenty ballot votes were challenged by the university, the National Labor Relations Board and the union during the tally at board's office in Winston-Salem. These challenged ballots were not enough to sway the result of the election.

While this vote is good news for the faculty members at Elon who have been organizing for a union, there are still some steps to be taken to conclude this process. This vote does not conclusively establish a faculty union. 

The university has one week to file objections until votes are certified, according to Elon. The university can then ask the NLRB to review the election process during a two-week period. 

According to a statement from the university, Elon is “gathering further information about the results and process of the election and will soon make a decision on next steps.”