SGA announced which candidates will be running for office. Jack Johnson, current Executive Secretary, and Nate Jones are competing for the Presidential seat on the executive board. 

Johnson posted his campaign ad on YouTube tonight. 

Nate Jones created an open Facebook group called "Your Voice. Your Choice" to show his platform. 

Running unopposed for student body Vice President is Louisa Sholar. Amanda Yaffa is running for student body treasurer and Julia Field will be running for student body secretary.

SGA also has to fill its class offices. Below are the candidates who are running to represent their individual classes. 

Class of 2020 Presidential candidates: 

  • Samantha O’Connor
  • Liam Collins
  • Noor Irshaidat

Class of 2020 Vice Presidential candidate: 

  • Meghan Aines
  • Laura Rossi

Class of 2020 Secretary candidates:

  • Lauren Luther 
  • Korryn Dalesandro
  • Kathryn Harford

Class of 2020 Senators candidates:

  • Kathryn Wakiyama
  • Steven Klausner

Class of 2021 President candidates:

  • Brandon Veal

Class of 2021 Vice President candidates:

  • Robert Miley
  • Alexis "Lexie" Grubel

Class of 2021 Secretary candidates:

  • Kyra Letsinger

Class of 2021 Senator candidates:

  • Jubitza Figueroa
  • Yamai Pedraza 

Class of 2022 President candidates:

  • Lauryn Adams
  • Brett Horton

Class of 2022 Vice President candidates:

  • Ireland Horan
  • Morgan Kearns
  • Olivia Mitchell
  • Alexander Begley 

Class of 2022 Secretary candidates:

  • Alexis "Austin" Moore
  • Anna Sheinberg

Class of 2022 Treasurer candidates:

  • Deena Elrefai
  • Josephine Williams

Senators looking to represent the student body on the academic council will run for seats in their respected schools. 


Love School of Business Senator candidates:

  • Kaitlyn O’Donnell
  • Jovani Mendez-Sandoval

School of the Arts and Sciences Senator candidates:

  • Jonathan Stettler
  • Sydney Coker
  • Jessica Flacksenburg
  • Alexis "Lexi" Will

School of Communications Senator candidates:

  • Eleanor "Ellie" Cook
  • Victoria Favorito
  • Olivia Figueroa

School of Education Academic Council candidates:

  • Katherine "Katie" Park
  • Paige Knapke

Voting will open March 13 and close March 14 at 6 p.m.