Jack Johnson takes the SGA student body presidential seat tonight by 280 votes. Johnson won the election by a 10.59 percent margin. 

In the new year, Johnson said he plans to increase school spirit and safety on campus, look into more parking options for students and address mental health at Elon. Johnson said he wants to begin these initiatives by reforming the bylaws. 

"First senate meeting out, my hope is that I can work with my vice president and the rest of the executive board to really push through some amendments that make SGA more accessible to students," Johnson said following his win tonight. 

SGA announced their election results in the Moseley Campus Center. Johnson is an active member of the Elon University Chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He said his whole fraternity came out to hear the election results. After his win was announced, his brothers cheered and hugged him. 

The other executive positions were uncontested. Louisa Sholar won the seat for executive vice president, Julia Field won the position of executive secretary and Amanda Yaffa won the seat of executive treasurer.  

Noor Irshaidat will now be the class of 2020 president. Laura Rossi won the seat of 2020 vice president and the treasurer's seat is vacant. Katie Harford will be the class of 2020 secretary. The next two senators for the at-large council for the class of 2020 will be Katie Wakiyama and Steven Klausner. 

Brandon Veal won the seat of class of 2021 president and Robbie Miley won the seat of class of 2021 vice president. Kyra Letsinger will be the next class of 2021 secretary. The senators for the class of 2021 will be Jubitza Figueroa and Yamai Pedraza.

The next president for the class of 2022 will be Lauryn Adams. Ireland Horan won the seat for the 2022 vice president. Austin Moore will be the next secretary for the class of 2022 and Josie Williams won the seat for the class of 2022 treasurer. The senators for the at-large council for the class of 2022 are Hailey Jurgens and Anna Sheinberg. 

The School of the Arts and Sciences Senators will be Jonathan Stettler, Sydney Corker, Jessica Flacksenburg and Alexis “Lexi” Will.

The School of Education Academic Council will include Katherine “Katie” Park and Paige Knapke.

The Love School of Business Senators will be Kaitlyn O’Donnell and Jovani Mendez-Sandoval.

Both Ellie Cook and Victoria "Tori" Favorito are now the School of Communications Senator. 

Michael Asch contributed to this reporting.