The Town of Elon is investigating the annexation of nearly 30 acres of land north of Elon University. The property is on Shallowford Church Road and Cable Road across from Rhodes Stadium. 

According to the town, a family is defined as two relatives living together or a group of three people not related living together. 

Maggie Brown | Elon News Network
Plans from the Town of Elon if the annexation of Shallowford Church road passes.

At the agenda session meeting last week, many residents of the area spoke up to say they were not happy with the possibility of this development. Those who came out to the meeting believe annexation of the land will increase traffic by their homes. 

A couple of residents suggested extending Walker Road to connect to Shallowford Church Road to reduce traffic. 

The town said it will create a new left turn lane to turn into Cable Road to decrease congestion. 

Mayor of Elon Jerry Tolley said the town approved the investigation because the roads were in compliance with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the town developer “did everything he was supposed to do.”