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The Lone Stand of a Common Soldier

9/6/17 7:00am

In less than 15 minutes, Elon University students can find themselves standing at the base of a confederate statue located on the north side of the Alamance County Historic Courthouse. The 30-foot-high, marble and granite statue dedicated to the 1,100 men from Alamance County who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War has been causing debate throughout the city.

Class, club responsible for selecting guest speakers

4/3/17 11:45pm

From artists to scientists to authors to lawyers, Elon University students have opportunities this year to meet and listen to professionals from different backgrounds and careers. These events might only take a few hours for most students, but for Emily Hayes, copresident of the Liberal Arts Forum, and other students in the class and club, these events take months of planning and thousands of dollars.

Elon students weigh option to participate in presidential search

3/7/17 6:56pm

President Lambert’s school wide announcement about the ending of his term, mentioned the work that the community still had ahead to find the next president of Elon. “I look forward to our work together in the months ahead as we achieve our goals, celebrate our shared accomplishments and anticipate the arrival of Elon’s ninth president,” – Leo Lambert, President. To find Lambert’s successor, the Board of Trustees created the “Elon Presidential Search Committee.” This committee's first primary focus is to gather community input and incorporate that school wide input into their decision making process. According to the search committee, “input from the entire Elon Community is essential at this stage of the search.” The committee is hoping to learn the thoughts of Elon members on the university’s priorities and the qualities, skills and experiences that they are looking for in the next president of Elon. To achieve this goal of gathering community input, the search committee sent out a “Elon Presidential Search Survey” to the entire school on Mar.

Local businesses hit hard by slow J-term

2/1/17 8:46am

Despite January-term having been busy for many of the students staying at Elon for classes, the same can not be said for many of the local business around the campus that are dependent on the student body. For many of these local businesses, J-term is usually the slowest time of the year.

Students flock to Women's March on Washington to send a message, stand in solidarity with protestors worldwide

1/22/17 3:53pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Chants of “love trumps hate,” “my body, my choice” and “the future is female” echoed down Independence Avenue and throughout the country's capitol during the Women’s March on Washington Saturday morning. In that crowd were Elon University students that were able to make the trip up to Washington, D.C., in time for the march.

Elon strives to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

1/16/17 2:28pm

The second line of the Declaration of Independence, states that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Since the early 1950’s, Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and actions have made citizens across the nation reconsider their interpretations of the words equality and liberty.

Phoenix rises for Veterans Day

11/9/16 8:30am

As a child of a Vietnam War veteran, Elon University sophomore Lavinia Johnson has always cherished Veterans Day. “This is such an important holiday because it helps citizens remember why the military is so significant in our society,” she said. “It also reminds veterans how influential they have been to our country.”

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