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New four-year engineering program to open this fall

5/18/18 5:37pm

A new engineering program and degree are being offered at Elon University. The College of Arts & Sciences will be expanding its engineering options next fall, from a dual-degree program to a four-year program. This will allow students to stay at Elon and pursue their degree in engineering.

'We live by the ways of the South': Confederate Memorial Day service held in Graham

5/10/18 11:34pm

A prayer for the dead opened the Confederate Memorial Day Service hosted by a southern rights organization, Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC).  The event took place May 10 at the memorial in front of Alamance County’s District Judge building, 7 miles from Elon University’s campus. The memorial was erected to honor those from Alamance County that have died fighting in U.S. conflicts.

5K run hosted at Elon to support Molly Offstein's road to recovery

5/1/18 12:40pm

The Jackson 5’s song “ABC” boomed around the intramural fields as Andy Derryberry crossed the finish line as the oldest participant at the “Show Us Your Shoes!” run. The 5K hosted on April 29, was in support of Molly Offstein, a cross country runner who during her freshman year at Elon University was hit by car while on a run last spring.

‘When did you consider yourself an American?’

3/28/18 10:09pm

"They were naturalized citizens, green card holders and international students — all of whom are immigrants.On March 28, Immigrant Realities hosted a panel where five Elon University members — students, professors and alumni, discussed their experiences immigrating to the US."

'Black culture is very much here and it's alive'

2/1/18 11:16pm

On the first official day of Black History Month, students came together to participate in the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education's “Black History Month Event Kickoff: For The Culture, Express Yourself,” where participants transformed a blank canvas into art reflecting their feelings on black culture.

A Taxing Change for Higher Education

12/6/17 8:15am

Buried within a 429-page tax reform bill are provisions that specifically target those within the higher education community. In the bill titled H.R.1 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the elimination of student loan interest deductibility, tax exempt bond financing and tax exempt tuition remission are three provisions with the most potential to affect lives at Elon University.

Ian Baltutis re-elected as mayor of Burlington

11/7/17 9:31pm

Ian Baltutis has been elected as the mayor of Burlington for his second term in office. Shortly after 9 p.m., the Alamance County Board of Elections announced Baltutis' victory on their website. Baltutis won the election with 55 percent of the vote.

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