NEWS 11/9/16 8:40am

Becoming numb: Voices from war-torn Iraq

Driving along highway I-40 through Chapel Hill one summer evening, Ahmed Abdullah Al Fadaam heard a sudden loud bang. Mind racing, he stopped the car, pulled over and began frantically searching the area looking for where the noise came from. Fadaam scanned his surroundings. He took a breath, realizing where he was. This was not Iraq. The day was July 4, 2015. The sound was not an explosion.

NEWS 4/13/16 8:52am

Study abroad safety concerns emerge

U.S. college students are more than twice as likely to die on their own campus than while studying abroad, according to a study conducted by The Forum on Education Abroad. The study reported 13.5 students out of every 100,000 die abroad each year.

NEWS 4/10/16 9:26pm

Elon's study abroad program, students confront terrorism scare

Elon University ranks number one by Princeton Review for top study abroad program in the country. According to the university's global education program, more than 75 percent of students study abroad, or complete a 'Study USA' program at least once during their time at Elon.

NEWS 2/12/16 12:26pm

Cheat sheet: Zika virus

Doctors working in the maternity wards of Recife, Brazil, noticed a spike in late August 2015 in babies born with a medical condition known as microcephaly — a defect characterized by normal head construction up to the eyebrows but with little-to-no forehead or upper cranial formation.

NEWS 12/9/15 12:52pm

Islamophobia in America

Islamophobia. It's one of the hottest topics in society today. Some say it is spiraling out of control. With more than 50 occurrences of American Islamophobia since the terrorist attacks in Paris, France according to The Huffington Post, the topic is being discussed- and for good reason. A recent YouGov/Huffington Post poll shows that more than 50% of Americans view Muslims "Somewhat" or "Very" unfavorably.

NEWS 9/16/14 10:04am

Israeli Fellow brings perspective and personal story to Elon

Shani Knaani, an Israeli Fellow with the Jewish Agency for Israel and Hillel International, is paying a visit to Hillel and the Elon community as a whole. Knaani grew up in a kibbutz, a communal living area in northern Israel, and then moved on to join the Israeli army. "So in Israel, the army is mandatory," Knaani said.

NEWS 9/8/14 10:59pm

Elon monitors study abroad programs

Elon students studying abroad in the Middle East and in London are adjusting to their new lives away from Elon for the Fall Semester. Unexpectedly, a part of that transition is the threat of international terror from ISIS. ISIS is a jihadist terror organization that carries out its plans through violent acts. ISIS stands for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". The group has recently been taken to be called IS standing for "Islamic State" and ISIL for the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levent." Since it's founding in 2006, ISIS has been responsible for thousands of deaths. Videos were released in August and in September by ISIS, confirmed by the White House, which show the executions of two American journalists.

NEWS 4/19/14 12:31pm

Europeans prepare for Eurovision Song Competition

The United States has many reality singing competitions, The Voice, American Idol and the X-Factor are all extremely popular, but none of these shows are as popular as the Eurovision Song Competition in Europe. Held once a year at the beginning of May, over 170 million people tune in to watch their country compete in the live show. When Elon junior Maggie Macdonald attended boarding school in Scotland, she was introduced to the phenomenon and since then has been a huge fan of the competition. “It gets very intense during Eurovision,” Macdonald said.

NEWS 4/9/14 2:30pm

Zitelli reflects on anniversary of Rwandan genocide

Genocide isn’t something Elon University students think about very often. It’s something that happens in far away places to other people but not to us. The first time I truly learned about genocide was during The Global Experience class my freshman year.

NEWS 4/5/14 10:48am

AP's Nicole Winfield visits Elon

Nicole Winfield spoke to Elon students, faculty and community members Friday night about her experience as a Rome-based Vatican correspondent for The Associated Press. During the past 13 years as Vatican correspondent, Winfield has covered three popes - John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. Winfield, originally from New York City, says that she has the opportunity to see the Pope in a "vastly different light" than the general population does.