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LIFESTYLE 4/21/24 11:25am

Elon student vendor honors late grandmother with business

Sadie Guffey was tending her booth with her newest product on the table, a super-sized version of her crocheted acorns. When Elon President Connie Book ordered two of the acorns after seeing them, Guffey knew she had achieved so much more than she thought she could, especially for her late grandmother who taught her the craft she practices now. Guffey only learned to crochet in summer of 2023 after she came back from her study abroad. Guffey’s grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer on Feb. 22, 2022, and had tasked herself with teaching all the grandchildren the craft while she was recovering at home.

LIFESTYLE 4/13/24 9:46pm

Elon Motorsports hosts community car show

Cars of all generations gathered in the back of Schar Center for the Elon Motorsports car show. 60 participants from the Elon community came together to sponsor or enjoy the event. Elon Motorsports club hosted the car show for an end-of-year event on April 13 with partnerships from other North Carolina universities and the local community. Local car group Burlington Cruise In joined the group of students in the event. Vice President of Elon Motorsports Quintin Lasky said the event was to introduce new motorsport enthusiasts to the community, as well as bringing the experienced groups together.

NEWS 3/18/24 9:51am

Elon upperclassmen face challenges with on-campus housing changes

Elon University upperclassmen face challenges with housing following residence life’s announcement no longer allowing all residents in the Crest, Danieley and Oaks apartments to renew their leases. Students living in Park Place and Station at Mill Point apartments were allowed to renew at designated times earlier this semester. Students living in Crest, Danieley and Oaks are able to participate in the housing selection process, the same as students who did not previously have leases in these neighborhoods. This is the first year the change will be implemented.

NEWS 3/12/24 8:09pm

Elon students walk in solidarity for victims of oppression

Members of the Elon University community gathered on campus March 12 to walk in solidarity with and for victims of oppression. The march was organized by Students for Peace and Justice roughly one week after the International Day of Action, during which protestors gathered worldwide to demand an immediate ceasefire of the Israel-Hamas War. Participants at Elon met together with signs and traditional Middle Eastern shemagh scarves. They marched twice on the designated route through Global and Loy neighborhoods. During the event, demonstrators started yelling “stop killing women, stop killing children” upon the second time of walking the route.

NEWS 3/2/24 3:24pm

International protest for Israel-Hamas War calls for immediate ceasefire

Millions gathered around the world in solidarity for protesting the Israel-Hamas War as action toward International Day of Action on March 2. The day marks one week before Israel's threatened attacks on Gaza’s city of Rafah, where many displaced citizens have gathered. Socialist Revolution member Harper Houston said that the U.S. is "a little too late" at providing aid to Palestine. She stands with the Palestinian people to have their land after the attacks that have displaced citizens. The Asheville protest takes place at 2 p.m., while Charlotte and Raleigh start at 3 p.m. 

NEWS 2/27/24 12:31am

‘We Are Charleston’ authors speak on gun reform

Herb Frazier recounted the times in his life when he lived near Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church before the shooting that killed nine bible study members in 2015. The shooting was later determined to be a racially-motivated crime committed by then 21-year-old Dylann Roof. Frazier is one of the authors of “We Are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel.” Along with co-authors Bernard Powers and Marjory Wentworth, Frazier spoke to the Elon community on Feb. 26 about gun reform as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Address.

NEWS 2/14/24 10:17am

Ripple Conference hosts interfaith discussions on Elon University’s campus

Elon University hosted 130 people of all religious and spiritual faiths during the ninth Ripple Conference — which was held in McBride Gathering Center — under the theme of “Interfaith Around the World.” Nine total universities, from both in and out of state, attended the event. Conference co-director Lucy Sneader said the event included religions and identities from around the world. Guilford College professor and keynote speaker Diya Abdo spoke about her work with refugees and her initiative to help rehouse them back on her campus.

LIFESTYLE 1/22/24 3:05pm

Latin-Country musician emphasizes connection with students

Country-Latin musician Angie K stepped onto the Irazú Coffee shop stage as she performed for Elon University students for the fourth time, remembering her musical start at small venues. She said the base of her work is seeing people connect and admiring how students open up to each other as she plays. While the fountains at Elon catch her eye, Angie K said the interactions at Irazú are what pulls her back to Elon. Freshman Cecilia Marie, who prefers to go by her stage name, also opened for Angie on Jan. 11.  

NEWS 10/25/23 8:42am

Elon University CREDE promotes cultural sensitivity during Halloween

Elon’s Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education held its second “Culture is not a Costume” campaign to educate students about culturally appropriated costumes before Halloween. Posters and yard signs with the phrase, “You wear the costume for a night ... I wear the costume for life” were posted around campus starting the second week of October to promote the campaign. Students who are part of minority communities on campus are pictured on the campaign’s signs as they hold pictures of culturally appropriated costumes from cultures.

NEWS 10/2/23 8:03am

Elon University SGA elections allow freshmen to be heard on campus

Elon University students voted in on-campus elections for freshman senators on Sept. 12. As local elections approach, alternatives to voter ID are being introduced to help students vote in off-campus local municipal elections through the new Elon Phoenix Voting card. North Carolina requires voters to present an ID, drivers’ license or university card starting in 2023.  The new Elon Phoenix Voting cards are a substitute for identification and look like the typical Phoenix ID, but are labeled with a valid “North Carolina voter” inscription, much like a U.S. real ID.

NEWS 9/15/23 2:57pm

Illness spreads through Elon University campus

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has seen a spike in respiratory virus hospitalizations, with a 1% increase from the start of the school year, from 5.6% to 6.6%. Elon University Health Services also no longer tracks cases as the state no longer needs them to be reported to NCDHHS, according to Elon’s Medical Director and University Physician Ginette Archinal. Students are encouraged to stay in their living areas and speak to staff on their health status based on current CDC guidelines.

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