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LIFESTYLE 4/27/23 1:00pm

Elon University Department of Performing Arts debuts Deep Water Ballad

On the April 28, the department of performing arts will debut a workshop of “Deep Water Ballad,” an original musical that has been over a decade in the making. “Deep Water Ballad” is set in the fictional coal mining town of Deep Water, West Virginia. When a devastating mining disaster happens the area spirals into the paranormal and the residents struggle to rebuild. The story follows a girl who tries to reconnect with her broken family in both the spirit world and natural world. 

OPINIONS 4/21/23 12:26pm

OPINION: Future educators have a disproportionate burden to bear

Editor's Note: The content of this editorial includes discussion of gun violence in schools. The national climate has rendered mass shootings an inescapable reality. These situations illustrate the horror of gun violence that educators face today. Teachers are shouldering some of the biggest problems in the country — from the COVID-19 pandemic creating an educational rift to gun violence increasing in classrooms. 

LIFESTYLE 4/7/23 11:50am

Christian, Muslim community members break-fast together in interfaith iftar event

Muslim, Hindi and Christian Elon University students and community members broke their fasts Tuesday evening. The interfaith celebration of Muslim iftar was organized by the Truitt Center for Religious Life and the Global Neighborhood in collaboration with the Burlington Masjid, Alamance County’s only mosque. While eating, the religious communities reflected on their faith together.  

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