EDITORIAL: We must go further than standing with Charlottesville

8/30/17 8:00am

Following the terrifying and tragic display of white supremacy at the University of Virginia and in Charlottesville earlier this month, many people and organizations across the nation have pledged their solidarity with UVA and everyone affected by this tragedy. This event struck a chord with many Americans, ...

In CAA, more opportunities for institutional, athletic growth

5/1/16 2:30pm

Elon University’s move to the Colonial Athletic Association, announced May 2013 but not official until July 2014, was met with considerable financial weight and legitimate concerns with regard to travel and level of competition. But about two years in, fresh off the first CAA Championships that Elon hosted, it’s clear that the move was the right move for not just the athletic department, but the institution as a whole. Elon’s Jimmy Powell Tennis Center hosted the CAA Tennis Championships last weekend, with both the Phoenix men and women falling in tight semifinal matches.

Kasich has the right experience to move GOP forward

3/9/16 11:00am

The race for the Republican presidential nomination so far has largely been filled with yelling, insults and even a reference to one of the candidate’s genitalia. This is far from what we expect from adults running for the greatest office in our country.

Clinton has policy ideas, experience to win general election

3/9/16 10:59am

In stark contrast to the that of the Republican party, the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has been focused on great issues plaguing our country, such as economic reform, education and rights of minorities.

"Home" exists all throughout Elon

2/3/16 10:20am

Home is an idea that many people — especially college students —struggle to define. Coming into Elon University means leaving all the different places you once called home. Naturally, freshmen then attempt to find a new definition of home upon arrival. For many, one of the most obvious places to find a family and a sense of community is in fraternity and sorority life. But, it is important to recognize that these organizations are not the only places to find your “home away from home” at Elon.

Engage in service during Winter Term

1/26/16 1:29pm

For many, Winter Term is a time of leisure. Students are only in class for three hours a day, most organizations are not holding meetings, and in general, free time is excessive.  Instead of using this time to catch up on shows on Netflix or taking three naps a day, use this invaluable free time to learn more about your peers, your community, and yourself by engaging in service.  High involvement in service learning and community engagement is something Elon University has always strived for.

Be better than fair-weather fans

12/2/15 8:00am

People go to every game ... only if the team is winning. The stands are packed ... only if it’s a game against a team from a big school. Carloads of students show up to cheer on their team ... only if it’s a tournament game. Sound familiar?

Make WT '16 more than diverse

12/2/15 8:00am

The university is sticking to its commitment to promoting on-campus diversity by nearly forcing students to attend these events, so it’s also up to the students to both take advantage of the opportunity and recognize the efforts Elon administration is making. The kinds of opportunities offered, though, limit what students can do and learn.

Please, don't be afraid to talk

11/18/15 8:00am

There's not a lot to say. Some of us knew Demitri Allison. Some of us didn’t. But we’re all mourning the loss of a member of our Elon University community.

Help change Elon for the better

11/18/15 8:00am

The Presidential Task Force on Campus Social Climate and Out-of-Class Engagement is working toward making the Elon experience better for everyone here, but it can’t do it alone.

Fellows Programs should be equal

11/11/15 1:01pm

Every March, hundreds of high school seniors flood onto Elon University’s campus, all hoping to earn a spot in one of Elon’s prestigious Fellows Programs. These programs offer students opportunities for academic and professional exploration beyond those already offered by the university.

Elon longs for longer lunch tables

10/28/15 8:00am

As Elon Dining, formerly branded as Aramark, moves forward, it has a chance to redesign the university’s dining halls in a way that is much more welcoming.

Treat Title IX training as a priority

10/28/15 8:00am

A new population on campus now knows how to appropriately report and respond to instances of sexual assault or harassment: members of fraternities and sororities

All debates are worth watching

10/21/15 8:00am

Republican and Democrat events, ideologies and politicians receive polarized treatment here, and it detracts from everyone’s awareness of the political climate as we approach the 2016 presidential elections.

Alumni have plenty to offer

10/16/15 4:10pm

This weekend can be more than a time for reconnecting. It also offers a rare opportunity for alumni to form new connections with current students and for current students to learn from former Phoenix who have been “out in the real world” for as little as a few months or for as long as a few decades.

Ending hazing is up to students

9/30/15 1:20pm

As part of on-going efforts to end hazing at Elon University, the recently established Hazing Prevention Coalition organized events last week to participate in National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW). The Coalition has brought new energy to the fight against hazing at Elon, but there is still a long way to go.

Job expos need to cater to all majors

9/23/15 8:05am

Elon University’s semiannual Job and Internship Expos offer students of all years opportunities to interact with potential employers. But these expos, including yesterday’s, have consistently focused on business students, with communications students receiving comparatively little attention and students of other schools receiving even less.