Health & Wellness

Upgrade your breakfast with avocado

4/7/16 9:36am

Best known for their breakout role role in guacamole, avocados have taken the world by storm. With over 100 different varieties, there is a variety of avocado everyone is sure to love. 

Have a Healthy Holiday!

10/8/15 3:46pm

Get ready, everyone. The best time of the year is upon us. Yes, that’s right — I’m talking about the long-anticipated holiday season.

‘Ingredient 1’ is the best app for healthy snackers

9/22/15 6:35pm

For those of us who are overwhelmed by the plethora of snacks in the grocery store or trying to stick to foods within a specific diet — there's an app for that and it's Karlie Kloss approved.  "Ingredient 1" is an app where you simply plug in your dietary preferences and favorite flavors and it will find you the trending products in the grocery story.

Boiled Peanuts: Edamame of the South

9/9/15 6:59pm

Fellow Northerners, if you haven’t yet experienced boiled peanuts, think of them as edamame. But imagine the best edamame you’ve ever had: juicy, warm and mouthwateringly salty.

Tongue Scraping

9/2/15 6:42pm

We’re gonna be frank with you: tongue scraping is kind of gross. If you’re not someone who gets at least a little bit of satisfaction from popping pimples or squeezing blackheads, this might not be for you.

Cat patrol

7/31/15 8:36am

Australia is looking to introduce a new feral cat plan. Why? Turns out Australian felines aren’t minding their manners as much as they should, and have been helping themselves to one too many endangered birds. Oops. Gregory Andrews, Australia’s first threatened species commissioner, is plotting to create a law that would make all domesticated cats exclusively indoor cats.

Witchy practices

7/29/15 10:34pm

Suffering from sticky summer skin? Getting more breakouts than you were a few months ago? Probably from all the sweat and buildup hanging out in your pores all day. Our solution?

Girl gangs = health benefits

7/25/15 11:49am

Taylor Swift might be onto something more than simply instilling envy in the hearts of any human who looks upon her and her near-perfect girl gang and inspiring what many people have come to call “#squadgoals.” According to a recent study, not having a close group of friends in your 20s and 30s can actually be worse for you than drinking excessively or suffering from obesity.

Basic granola

7/22/15 9:32pm

I’ve been bad about skipping breakfast lately, so I figured it was time to whip up a batch of granola.

Since when is everyone gluten-free?

6/4/15 5:04pm

Ever since arriving back to earthy-crunchy Western Massachusetts for the summer, I've been hearing more than ever about being "gluten-free." One of my good friends recently told me he has (newly-discovered) Celiac disease.


4/23/15 8:54pm

In a pinch for dinner between studying? Impress yourself by throwing down a cheese plate next to your laptop. Cheese may not sound like the healthiest thing for a health & wellness writer to be writing about, but as long as you're not eating the entire block of it, using it in Velveeta form, or slathering handfuls of the stuff on everything you eat, its totally fine.

DIY winter healing

3/4/15 2:31pm

FOR DRY LIPS What you’ll need: One part white or brown sugar (grab packets from anywhere there’s coffee!) One part petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) What to do: Mix ingredients in the palm of your hand and use a finger to gently rub the mixture into your lips for about 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Finish with a later of petroleum jelly.

DIY allergy relief

3/4/15 2:21pm

HONEY This one’s got inconclusive evidence, BUT we’ve been hearing a lot of BUZZ about it lately.

Have you climaxed yet?

2/28/15 5:01pm

Are you intimidated by the idea of picking up heavy objects then putting them back down? Enter Climaxed Fitness; a start-up company formed by Elon juniors Corey Mitchell, Tracey Coppedge, John Silas and Zach Dupree. Their mission statement is to “offer comprehensive and individualized training programs for anyone looking to get fit”, but this foursome of fine young men are much more than just guys looking to Instagram pictures of their biceps. This afternoon, I had the honor of sitting down with Corey Mitchell and Tracey Coppedge to discuss their business plan.

Yoga like a boss.

2/22/15 1:11pm

Do phrases like "Parivrtta Janu Sirsana" intimidate you? Are you someone who wants to try yoga, but aren't sure whether investing a whole $10 in yoga mat would be worth it? If so, rejoice my friends!