LIFESTYLE 9/7/16 8:00am

Elon Eats: Uncovering an aesthetic

Driving through the Graham town square, it's impossible to miss Press Coffee+Crepes. The exterior of the coffee and crepes shop is painted dark blue, a contrast to the light white and pastel facades that line the rest of North Main Street. The interior is just as unexpected — quiet indie music, stone tables, reclaimed wooden chairs, exposed brick walls and , all lit with bare lightbulbs hanging on burnished copper wires from the black applique ceiling.

NEWS 4/12/16 1:40pm

Growing with the garden

Sitting inside the greenhouse next to McMichael, Alyssa Adler flips though her textbook, doing homework and warming up from the cold February day outside.

NEWS 7/23/15 5:55pm

Taylor Swift, let's talk about white feminism.

Taylor Swift attempted to bring the Infamous Swift-Minaj Twitter Fiasco of 2015 to an end today, tweeting out an apology to her followers and to Nicki for reacting negatively to Nicki’s well-deserved criticism of the MTV Video Music Award (VMA) nominations.

NEWS 6/21/15 11:03pm


On August 18th, 1920, men decided to allow women to vote. On June 17th, 2015, another man-- Secretary of Treasury, Jacob Lew, announced that he and his team would redesign the $10 note to feature the face of a woman.

NEWS 4/1/14 12:54am

Go Greek or Go Home?

On the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 2, hundreds of young women were “sittin’, waitin’, wishin’” in Elon University’s Alumni Gym before they opened their bid cards.

NEWS 11/17/13 3:55pm

McWorld Abroad

After a long night in the city of Florence, Italy, many Elon University students craving the comforts of home find their way to “The American Diner,” a restaurant in the heart of the City of Renaissance that’s been serving bacon, eggs and home fries since 2004. Greasy American diner food isn’t what normally comes to mind when one thinks of Italy.

NEWS 5/13/13 12:00am

Farewell to Elon's class of 2013

In just a few short weeks, Elon’s Class of 2013 will be leaving the “Elon bubble” and venturing out into the real world.  Over the past few years, they have taken classes, led organizations, traveled the world and grown into the people they are today. Plans for the future From the East Coast to the West, Elon students will be spread out all over the country, pursuing their dreams.

NEWS 5/13/13 12:00am

Your summer to-do list

By the time finals come around in May, we are begging for summer vacation. Our first few days are spent lounging in the sun, in bed or on the couch.