MORGAN: Enough is enough

5/4/17 2:35pm

When I signed up to live in the Alpha Phi Alpha house for next year, I knew it would be eventful. I didn't know it would geographically be at the middle of two controversies. This week proved me wrong.

ROBERTS: When hosting cultural events, focus on educating

4/20/17 3:11pm

While Elon University might be working hard to increase racial and cultural diversity, as a university we still fall short of meeting the kind of racial and cultural ratio we should have if we are going to boast about our “global engagement”. Coming to Elon I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing as much diversity as I was used to, but when I found out that only 20 percent of my class identified as a person of color, I was appalled. According to a study done in 2015 by the Pew Research Center, about 35% of people in the United States identify as a person of color.

LEVY: Global thinking goes beyond just study abroad

4/19/17 9:38am

Elon University prides itself as an institution that helps create global citizens. We can see aspects of this mindset in the required first year class “The Global Experience,” International Station at Lakeside and various international studies and language programs across campus.  But, when it comes to creating global leaders, there’s one Elon experience that Elon loves to highlight most: study abroad.

HAGER: Waddling into the sunset: A eulogy for Club Penguin

3/29/17 3:43pm

It was the home of so many firsts: first dates; first parties; first independence. I still remember that pizza parlor like it was yesterday. I still remember those igloos like I remember my childhood bedroom. But now, the place where so many of us grew from kids into adults is waddling off into the sunset.

NTIM: This is why diversity matters

2/23/17 7:44am

Reaching out to minority groups enriches social and academic conversations on campus. It can help us fine-tune our minds to become better global ambassadors, understanding the influence of culture in academia.

BENSON: Please ignore the fraternity and sorority tier system

2/21/17 8:00pm

Maybe you’ve seen yaks about it, heard chatter about it or been directly affected by its abstract presence, but the stereotypes in our greek community revolving around one “tier system” have simply got to go. For those of you who don’t understand (in which case I either applaud your ability to focus on what’s really important or urge you to get out from the rock you’re living under), the so-called “tier system” is built on the belief that, in Fraternity and Sorority Life, there is a totem-pole style ranking of coolness or widely-known reputation from one sorority/fraternity to another.

NTIM: We all must honor black history

2/8/17 9:45am

Black History is a living, breathing movement that our forebears started with hopes of cultivating a better environment for us. Their legacy is left to us. We, as in every human being, are capable of redirecting longstanding perceptions of race.

DAHAL: Traditions can change

10/12/16 5:24pm

For students who had to struggle to get here or have struggled while here — including first-generation students — the graduation ceremony is more than just an orchestrated event, guaranteed to be given to you at the end of your four years. It’s something you and those who love you have fought incredibly hard for.  It’s the culmination of more than four years of coursework.  It’s a product of collective and unapologetic tenacity from you and those who have fought with you.  So on the day of your undergraduate graduation, your invitation for family and friends is more than just an expectation.