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NEWS 4/24/13 10:28pm

More Than Just Research

For the last two years, Senior Erica Schenhals has been doing scientific research on breast cancer cells, watching them bond and double in quantity. "It's $450 dollars to buy those cells so you get a million cells for that much," she said. Her Lumen Prize research grant financially supported her research on alternative treatments to battle breast cancer.

NEWS 3/12/13 12:02pm

Electronics in the Classroom

In the classroom, texting and tweeting isn't easy but senior Nina Boston says there are tricks to getting away with it. "Texting in the book bag.

NEWS 2/26/13 6:22pm

Deadly Train Accident in Burlington

Ralph Byrd of Burlington remembered his neighbor of 10 years, Glen Plester, as "a pretty good fella." Police say Glen Plester, a 50-year-old from Burlington was struck and killed by a train late Friday evening. Former neighbor Margaret Byrd recalls how she got the news. "David across the street told us this morning.

NEWS 2/19/13 5:32pm

In Her Shoes

Elon University has 19 academic buildings and 5200 students. I sought out an experiment to prove that everyone has a story to tell. By aiming with a dart at a map of Elon University, I was out to tell a story of a person at random.

NEWS 11/5/12 9:55pm

Sandy devastates Northeast, shuts down voting stations

By Neima Abdulahi Superstorm Sandy had some voters in the northeast worried about casting their ballots on Election Day. Sandy left some polling stations in New York and New Jersey destroyed along with neighborhoods and businesses. New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno said people should go to their specific voting locations.

NEWS 10/30/12 6:14pm

Changing hair styles: natural vs. products

A relaxer (or commonly referred to as a perm) chemically straightens the hair. It comes with a creme and an activator which is applied to coarse textured hair to loosen the strands and make it look straight. Sophomore Aviya Payne has been getting a relaxer in her hair since she was 10.

NEWS 10/24/12 10:40pm

Students receive backlash from their comments

The legislation to ban Chik-fil-a has sparked conversations all around Elon's campus, and the author of the legislation, senior Lauren Clapp, said she had no idea it would get so much attention. "It has become a horrible symbol that I hope does not stay much longer," Clapp said. But Clapp isn't the only one hearing negative feedback from students.

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