Elon University has 19 academic buildings and 5200 students. I sought out an experiment to prove that everyone has a story to tell.

By aiming with a dart at a map of Elon University, I was out to tell a story of a person at random. The dart landed on the West Hall dormitory.

We found a first year student, Daitoyyah Jenkins, walking by the building who was willing to talk to us. This is her story.

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"I want to open an abused woman's shelter," Jenkins said.

This stems from her own personal experience. Her purpose is to "create a safe haven for them because my mom didn't have one."

Jenkins goes on to explain.

"My father was an awesome man. He was a great father. But he was also an abusive man," she said.

She's been able to find strength and support by watching her mother become a stronger person every day.

When asked how many people she's shared her story with, Jenkins said "Before today, just one."

And that's the story of a person we met at random outside of West Hall with a wide smile and her head held high.