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NEWS 7/28/16 10:15am

Elon student among delegates at DNC

PHILADELPHIA -- Traveling across many state lines, one Elon University student found his way into the Democratic National Convention. The Mayor of Atlanta invited senior and Georgia native Chris Edwards to the convention.

NEWS 5/27/16 10:01am

Elon's "30 Minutes" show wins College Television Awards Emmy

Elon University's "30 Minutes" news program was awarded first place in the "Magazine" category of the 37th College Television Awards, presented on May 25 by the Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles, California. The half-hour show included exhaustive reporting on the topics of post-cancer breast reconstruction, American-Muslim culture in the 21st century and one man's attempt to revitalize downtown Burlington. During her acceptance speech, Elon University alumna and former ELN Executive Producer Ryan Kathleen Greene '15 was humorous and honest with the audience. "I'm quickly learning why they told us to write a speech because I wrote it on my hand, and I got very nervous and sweated it right off," said Greene, who produced the award-winning entry.

NEWS 3/7/16 1:36pm

Shining light on security at Elon

Elon's Campus Security has had a blue light emergency system for many years. There are now 35 blue lights on campus, each of which function on a distress button that immediately calls police to the scene, with the goal of a two-minute response time. Each system costs between $5,500-$6,000 for all of the parts and installation.

NEWS 2/29/16 1:31pm

Roscoe's Guitars finds its tune

Roscoe's Guitars shop has been shaping the sound of music for many years. Recently, their customers are becoming more "high profile". Drew Averett is the production manager and head builder of the shop. "We just had James Cook, of Luke Bryan's band, their bass player," Averett said.

NEWS 2/22/16 1:39pm

Belk Library comes to life

[youtube=] People were renting out more than your average book in Belk Library on Friday.

NEWS 2/11/16 8:10am

Black history in the modern age

Each year as the month of February flies by, one cannot help but question the meaning behind "Black History Month." What history haven't we learned about and why do we have a whole month centered around one race's background and culture? [youtube=] Tony Weaver Jr., an Elon senior, sees this month as more than just remembering the past.

NEWS 11/5/15 12:19pm

Benefits of being a yogi

A scroll through Instagram and other social media might have you seeing several pictures of yoga poses all labeled #zen but for Susan Hearn, co-owner of Om Shanti Yoga, yoga is much more than just a physical activity and that comes with an opportunity for a good selfie. "It's more the practice here, the class and the way of life," Hearn said.

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