The friendly faces behind the counter serving you cookies, sandwiches and coffee at Acorn are often thought of as just workers with some southern sweetness. Kathryn, one of those Acorn employees, has been working in the coffee shop for more than 10 years. One night, she told two Elon students her dream of taking her family to Disney World.

The two girls saw the passion and heart Kathryn put into each shift, even when they lasted until 2 a.m., and decided they needed to help. They started a Go-Fund-Me page for Kathryn in hopes to raise the 65 hundred dollars it would take to send her and her family to Disney World.

Freshman Lucy Smith-Williams and junior Taylor Zisholtz are the two girls behind the magic. They hope to reach their goal in the next month so that Kathryn's grandsons will be able to go on the magical Disney trip on their Thanksgiving break.

"We're trying to keep it a secret because we want it to really hit home to her how much we care about her and how happy we want to make her," Zisholtz said. "We do want to get as many community members involved in delivering it to Acorn. I think we're trying to get Disney on board to kind of, throw a package together for them, but we'll see!"

The Go-Fund-Me page can be found here.

Elon Local News will continue to follow the fundraising efforts for Kathryn's surprise as they continue.