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NEWS 8/27/14 12:24pm

Theft at Sheraton Place

Elon University students reported a break-in at the Sheraton Place apartment, an off-campus housing location located near Danieley Center, last night to the Town of Elon Police.

NEWS 8/8/14 3:18pm

Shedding light on acceptance

On Thursday, I lost my best friend for the last 13 years, my dog Sadie. I was at my internship when I got a text from my dad asking me to give the house a call when I was home.

NEWS 5/18/14 3:09pm

The Last Word: One big accident

To look back at how I started at Elon University, it almost seems like an accident. I had always hated the news growing up, because it seemed as if there was nothing good ever going on in the world.

NEWS 5/8/14 3:47pm

The Oak House to replace Town Table

There’s a new bar coming to downtown Elon, albeit with a much different flair than West End Terrace or Taphouse. The Oak House, a coffee, wine and craft beer lounge, is slated to take the space on North Williamson Avenue that originally housed Town Table.

NEWS 3/4/14 11:47pm

Local Elon businesses respond to proposed town changes

The Town of Elon released its first downtown master plan two weeks ago. The plan calls for an eight-block change to the downtown area bordered by Williamson and Manning Avenues to the east and west and Haggard and Lebanon Avenues to the north and south. The proposal plans for 10 mixed-use buildings to house retail and restaurants on the first floor and offices or residential space on the top floors.

NEWS 2/18/14 3:42pm

Proposed master plan brings major changes to downtown Elon

The Town of Elon has proposed a new revitalization plan that would restructure the eight-block area known as downtown Elon. The plan calls for the construction of 10 mixed-use buildings, six residential buildings, an office space and a civic/hospitality space. The first floor of the mixed-use buildings will house retails and restaurants, while the upper floors will serve as either offices or residential spaces depending on the building.

NEWS 2/3/14 1:55pm

Kate McKinnon of 'SNL' to perform at Elon

Kate McKinnon, a cast member for “Saturday Night Live,” will perform at 8:30 p.m. Feb. 19 at Elon University’s McCrary Theatre. McKinnon debuted as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” April 2012, becoming the third openly gay cast member in the show’s 38-year history.

NEWS 1/22/14 1:19pm

The Last Word: Not-so-easy A

I’ve never been one to look too much into my grades. As a communications student, I’m more worried about my standings in organizations and landing good internships than studying for a test on the influence of guilds in the 19th century.

NEWS 11/19/13 2:00pm

The Last Word: Ain't nuthin' but a G thing

Since coming out to my friends freshman year, I have been fortunate enough to never have faced adversity for my sexuality. I’ve led as normal a life as any struggling journalism major can lead, and I have never been called the F-word, “queer,” “limp wrists” or any other derogatory name.

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