OPINIONS 4/25/21 4:56pm

OPINION: Rise Up Elon, let's talk about on-campus sexual assault

In Greek mythology, a Phoenix looks like a harmless bird from afar, but as soon you get closer, you realize the creature is much bigger and more horrifying. Sexual assault has a similar connotation on campus. From afar, you don’t think there is a problem and that it would “never happen to you,” but as you get closer, you realize that the problem is much bigger and already burning in flames.  

OPINIONS 10/6/20 4:53pm

OPINION: Elon's response to the Trump convoy is woefully inadequate

A convoy of trucks adorned with Confederate flags and Trump 2020 paraphernalia drove through Elon's campus.This isn’t an uncommon sight to see on our campus; trucks circle Elon University constantly and harass women and people of color. Usually there’s only one at a time. That Saturday, there were well over 200 — and it was terrifying.

OPINIONS 9/16/20 3:04pm

OPINION: Why masks are great

We freshmen have been tasked with navigating one of the most considerable junctions in our lives with the added challenge of not being able to catalogue the physical features of our peers. We’ve been stripped of arguably the most valuable thing a social creature can have: recognition. Most of the people we’ve met thus far are only identifiable to us from the nose up.


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