My name is Eddie Keefe and I will be the food columnist for The Pendulum this academic year. I’m a freshman and a part of the class of 2025. 

Freshman Eddie Keefe

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved food and exploring the different cuisines in different cultures. I try to experience what a chef wants to make you feel when you have their meal. Food is one of the biggest things that can bring a community together, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts during my time at Elon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we got used to online ordering and purchasing takeout. During move-in, all I needed was a good meal to pick up with my family to get my energy back up. 

When we were searching around town, Da Vinci’s Table caught our eye. My first impression when we pulled up to the restaurant was that it has a great outdoor seating with interesting music and fairy lights. The atmosphere had a welcoming ambiance for eating a meal. 

I ordered the fried calamari and caesar salad, my dad got the chicken cacciatore and garden salad and my mom ordered the meatball sub. 

When I received the box of fried calamari, it looked a little undercooked because of the sauce poured on top of it. I usually love crispy calamari, but this one was damp. There still were a few crunchy pieces nonetheless, and it had a good enough flavor to it. As for my caesar salad, it was tasty and the cheese and dressing added texture to the meal. The croutons were also a highlight of the dish. 

My dad described the chicken cacciatore as bland — both the chicken and the pasta. Although there was not much flavor to it, he was happy that everything was fully cooked. His garden salad was simple, but there was nothing unique about it. 

My mom’s meatball sub looked phenomenal — it made someone like me that doesn’t like meatballs want to try one. It was toasty, filled with melted cheese and onions, which is different from a usual meatball sub, but it added a great deal of flavor. Out of all of the dishes we tried, the meatball sub was the best one. I would rate Da Vinci’s Table a 7/10 because of its welcoming ambiance and decent meals. The food wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t boring either. If I were to return to this restaurant, I would order something else off the menu or even try the meatball sub. 

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