Converge Coffee, a Burlington coffee shop, makes you feel safe and welcome as soon as you walk inside. Customers are greeted by kind staff who help you decide what to order. The fall decor makes you feel right at home during the season, with leaf-like chairs and warm colors all around. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and sweet pastries fill up the shop. 

My attraction to Converge Coffee was their seasonal menu: salted smoked rosemary latte, chocolate milk cold brew, pumpkin pie chai, yogurt parfait, apple and ricotta toast, Waldorf chicken salad toast and maple scones.

To start, I ordered an iced pumpkin pie chai with skim milk. The iced latte had a warm, fall flavor to it, making it the perfect autumn drink. This was my first time having chai, and it contained the perfect amount of spice. The pumpkin flavor was prominent and you could taste the syrup in every sip. 

I also ordered an iced chocolate milk cold brew. The coffee was strong and you can tell the cold brew was steamed for twenty-four hours. Their Homeland Creamery chocolate milk was rich in flavor which made the drink a perfect balance of dessert and breakfast. To better describe the drink, it tasted like an iced hot chocolate.  

To complete my experience, I ordered a maple scone. The scone was so good that there weren't any crumbs left. The strong maple flavor was not overbearing, which created a perfect combination with the flavorful coffees. 

My friend ordered the apple and ricotta toast, and luckily, I was able to grab a bite of it. The granny smith apples in the toast made the dish refreshing. The toast’s sourdough bread paired perfectly with the honey and nutmeg ricotta for an experience that made me wish I ordered it myself. 

Overall, I rate Converge Coffee a 9.3/10. Everything I ordered I would order again, from the delicious food to the spiced lattes. Though the shop has relatively high prices, the perfect ambiance and helpful staff make you want to sit down and enjoy their whole menu. 

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