There's always a level of uncertainty that comes with a new academic year, and that rings true this past year more than ever. But all of us at Elon News Network continue to be certain in our main purpose: serving the local community. 

Our organization — composed of, The Pendulum and Elon Local News — strives to serve the university and surrounding communities. The return to fully in-person learning on campus this year reminds us that news never stops and we must continue to report factual information and seek out new stories. 

This year is all about reconnecting. As student journalists, some of the first questions we ask while reporting are “when questions” — when capacity limits will be lifted, when mask requirements can be dropped and when we can all gather together again. We still don’t know the answer to all of these, but we’re ready to report it when we do. 

At ENN, our goal is to tell as many of your stories as possible. We recognize the different angles and versions to consider and we want to hear them from you. Our phone (336-278-7247) and email ( are open to anyone with story ideas or new perspectives. We look forward to reconnecting with you this year and telling your stories.