This Black History Month, I am celebrating with reflection. I am taking the month to think about the rooms that I sit in, the opportunities I am given and the trials and tribulations I have faced. I am celebrating Black history by challenging the status quo, practicing resistance and being unapologetically myself. 

I am celebrating Black history by learning and expanding my mind. I am celebrating Black history by supporting my fellow peers of color, faculty, staff and the other figures in my life. I am taking the month to give back and to pour into others. 

I am celebrating this year as the president of the Black Student Union by inviting you to join me in not just celebrating throughout this month, but everyday. 

I want to invite you to take this time to be introspective in your own life and to examine the classrooms you sit in, the places you live and challenge the perspectives. To take time to be engulfed and inspired by the words of revolutionaries from our past and today. 

I hope that students at Elon take this as an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. Take a trip to the CREDE, stop by the BSU office, engage in new spaces on campus and with your peers. Take a look at what’s happening in the surrounding area and get more involved. Be inspired to reflect, learn, challenge, embrace and spread joy this Black History Month.