Updated as of Oct. 6, 2021 at 4:54 p.m. to include a photo.

After Publix bought out Prego’s Trattoria former location, the restaurant was forced to relocate. Now found on Huffman Mill Rd, the newly rebuilt Prego’s is back to serving the Burlington community. The Italian restaurant is just eight minutes away from Elon University’s campus,  perfect for a dinner night out with friends.  

At first glance, Prego’s offers comfortable outdoor seating with a welcoming indoor setting. The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant is fresh, bright and welcoming. 

For my appetizer, I ordered the “mozzerella en carrozza” which was a homemade fresh mozzarella fried cheese sandwich. I felt like I was eating a luxury grilled cheese, as it came with tomato soup on the side. The cheese, melting out of the sandwich, was filled with flavor. I also enjoyed Prego’s fresh, warm bread with olive oil, along with  homemade potato squares that were addictive to munch on. It reminded me of “patatas bravas,” which is a dish native to Spain that also includes diced potatoes.

For my entree, I ordered fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. Prego’s homemade pasta paired with their Alfredo was an overall excellent dish. In fact, it was one of the best Alfredo pastas I’ve had. The dish was balanced, and the chicken was cooked perfectly and breaded to perfection, which added an element of crunch to the dish. The strong flavor of  parmesan was also present throughout the dish, which made it much more enjoyable.

My friends ordered penne alla vodka and spaghetti alla carbonara. According to them, their dishes were excellent and filled with flavor. 

My experience ended with a free tiramisu dessert–– thanks to my friend’s birthday and courtesy from the waiters. The tiramisu’s creaminess and flawlessly constructed layers made every bite of the dessert delicious.  

I would rate Prego’s Trattoria a 10/10 for its amazing service, beautiful decor and delicious food. Every meal was thoughtfully made and represented authentic Italian cuisine. Though it was on the pricier side, a visit to Prego’s is definitely worth it. 

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