3T’s Fried Chicken & Shakes has become a trending topic on Elon University’s campus due to its new reputation from many students as “the best chicken sandwich in Elon.” The restaurant is just a seven minute drive from campus and has affordable, tasty fried food and delicious shakes. 3T’s doesn’t offer outdoor seating, however they do have indoor dining and online ordering that takes about 30 minutes for a four person meal. Their customer service was great, and even had a warm environment for kids, since they passed out chicken coloring papers to anyone waiting for food.

I ordered two sandwiches to taste a variety of their menu options. The first sandwich I got was the club signature sandwich which included cheddar cheese, mayo, tomato, lettuce and bacon. The brioche bun was twisted and fluffy. This sandwich had no sauce, but it was still filled with a great deal of flavor. It was perfectly cooked and every bite had a crunch from the chicken’s breading. My sides of fries with both sandwiches which went perfect with their personal honey mustard and 3T sauce. The 3T sauce tasted like a mixture of barbecue sauce and mayo –– sweet with a tangy twist.

The BBQ signature sandwich consisted of cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato. This sandwich had honey barbecue sauce which had a fantastic flavor. It was a very dense sandwich, but every ingredient was needed and benefitted the dish’s amazing taste, especially the bacon. 

My friends ordered the grilled chicken and fried chicken meals with a side of onion rings and cornbread. I tasted the grilled chicken, and it was just as good as the fried chicken, if not better. The onion rings were crispy and the cornbread was like no other I’ve tasted before.

If you go to 3T’s for a meal, a milkshake must be part of your purchase. My friends and I tried the vanilla and chocolate oreo milkshakes. They were both thick, tasty and rich in flavor. 

I would rate 3T’s Fried Chicken & Shakes a 9/10 for their crispy, amazing meals and great service. The convenience of their food along with their menu variety was also a plus. 

This place by far has one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had, and I would order everything all over again if I could. 

If you have any questions or a review idea, please reach out to me at ekeefe5@elon.edu.