LIFESTYLE 9/13/16 8:33am

Shredding paper to #ShredtheShame

Senior Zoe Ross-Nash was called No-Ass Ross-Nash throughout her childhood and high school, so she tore up paper and started a movement to fight her and others insecurities. "I’m going to rip that up and just love me for my body and love myself for my body, so goodbye, No-Ass Ross-Nash,” Ross-Nash explains in a January Facebook video as she tears up a piece of paper with her long-held insecurity written on it.

LIFESTYLE 9/12/16 11:24am

Creating a 'House Party'

Wrapped in blankets, huddled in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, juniors Genny Tankosich and Karolina Bohn put their final edits on their script for The 24 Hour Plays to be handed off to a director in approximately three hours. Their writing process began at 7:30 p.m.

LIFESTYLE 9/8/16 11:23pm

Students to create plays in 24 hours

At 7:30 p.m. Friday, six teams of writers will begin to write their own play. At 7:30 p.m. Saturday night, these plays will be performed to an audience in Whitely. Put on by Elon University’s chapter of Alpha Psi Omega (APO), the national theater honors society, 24 Hour Plays gives six different teams of writers, directors and actors exactly 24 hours to create a play. According to Doug Del Pizzo, the president of APO, at 7:30 all members will come in for a meeting and at 8:30 the writing teams will be given a genre ranging from mockumentary to action adventure and a cast size to write for.

LIFESTYLE 9/7/16 8:00am

Elon Eats: Uncovering an aesthetic

Driving through the Graham town square, it's impossible to miss Press Coffee+Crepes. The exterior of the coffee and crepes shop is painted dark blue, a contrast to the light white and pastel facades that line the rest of North Main Street. The interior is just as unexpected — quiet indie music, stone tables, reclaimed wooden chairs, exposed brick walls and , all lit with bare lightbulbs hanging on burnished copper wires from the black applique ceiling.

LIFESTYLE 9/6/16 1:37pm

Lambert calls out three freshmen in convocation

Each year, Elon University President Leo Lambert highlights three students in his convocation speech. These three students represent a fraction of those that have done extracurricular activities and described to their peers, in front of parents and faculty.

LIFESTYLE 8/31/16 10:26am

Elon Eats: Big city feel in Downtown Burlington

Walking into Redefinery & Co., you’re immediately hit with a wave of trendiness. The dimly lit space is open, with cozy couches, a few tables, vintage art and black-and-white films projected on the wall. Patrons are casually sipping on classy cocktails and eating appetizers called tapas.

LIFESTYLE 8/28/16 9:57am

ELONightlife Getaways to provide group trips off campus

Since his opportunities for college nightlife was mostly restricted to West End Terrance, Tony’s Pub-N-Subs and The Fat Frogg, Adam Salaymeh ’16 always wanted a way to explore the rest of the North Carolina nightlife scene. After working at Rally, a crowd-powered bus service, Salaymeh wanted to bring additional nightlife to Elon students through ELONightlife Getaways. His hope is to bring large group of students to different areas and events in a safe and cost-efficient way.

LIFESTYLE 8/25/16 1:32pm

Orienting to Elon, far from home

Growing up in Haiti as the third of four brothers and the first to graduate high school, Ellison Adrien wasn't the subject of high expectations from neighbors — especially after his parents passed away in March 2008. But his expectations for himself were high. Adrien would skip classes his junior year of high school to work in the Dominican Republic in order pay rent. But he was still one of the best students in his classes and was hopeful an opportunity for higher education would appear.


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