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NEWS 12/8/18 8:00am

Black study abroad participation stalls as minority numbers increase overall

Between the 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 academic years, the numbers of Elon University’s non-white students studying abroad increased from 9 to 17.3 percent. Despite those gains, black participation went up less than 1 percent — from 3 to 3.3 percent of all undergraduates studying abroad — though from 2015 to 2018, the percentage of black students at Elon increased by more than 8 percent.

NEWS 1/17/18 7:00am

Service in Solidarity

The assistant director for the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE), Bell, knew that the event was celebrated annually at Elon University, a similar trend for the majority of college campuses. But Bell wanted to be different in honoring the civil rights icon. When he sat down to think, the question Bell wanted answered was how Elon would do the greatest amount of service involving the most amount of people. 

NEWS 5/4/17 11:24am

Seminar ditches cash for time-based currency

When students return to Elon University in the fall, there will be a new way to find a ride to Harris Teeter. The Better Alamance Timebank — a way for students and community members alike to acquire hours that act as currency through service — will officially launch May 9.

NEWS 10/6/16 10:56am

Michelle Obama focuses on the future at NC State rally

During First Lady Michelle Obama’s rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama spoke about the importance of the 2016 presidential election and how key issues will unfold over the course of the next presidency. She regularly referenced the importance of voting and told attendees how to get involved as volunteers registered students before and after the event on the behalf of the Clinton campaign.. Obama spoke at Reynolds Coliseum at North Carolina State University at 3 p.m.

NEWS 5/20/16 12:05pm

Rain forecast for tomorrow's Commencement

Elon University experienced backlash from students and families after sending a letter last fall explaining that because of School of Communications construction, seniors’ families would be limited to four Commencement tickets.

NEWS 4/20/16 11:49am

Elon addresses campus parking issue

Even before the announcement of an expansion to the Love School of Business, students complained about parking. Now that construction is slotted to take place in the McMichael parking lot for the new building, there are concerns that student parking on campus will be even more scarce.

NEWS 4/8/16 4:49pm

Honors Program names new director

Lynn Huber, associate professor of religious studies and chair of the Department of Religious Studies, will be the new Honors Program director beginning fall 2017. She will succeed the current director, professor of anthropology Tom Mould, after shadowing him throughout the upcoming academic year. Mould will remain on staff as an anthropology professor.

NEWS 2/13/16 2:49pm

Freshman Starts social justice Living Learning Community

A new student-led Living Learning Community (LLC) called the Hall for Change will offer residents opportunities to discuss current events, raise awareness of social justice issues and participate in service. Freshman Amy Belfer was inspired to create a place for Elon University students to come together to learn more about what is happening on campus, in the local community and internationally. Belfer said she realized the university did not have a social justice house like other universities.

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