The Elon Student Government Association is having its spring 2021 elections on March 18 and 19 via PhoenixConnect.

Students will be able to vote for members of the executive board, as well as their class representatives and members of the finance board. 

Below are the class of 2022 representative positions and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Class president — uncontested 

The class president represents their class throughout Elon University as a whole. Each class president has specific initiatives and serves on different committees in SGA. They focus on issues that directly impact their class year, and are in charge of planning events for their year. 

Liam O'Connor is running for SGA class of 2022 president. Photo courtesy of O'Connor.

Liam O'Connor

Major: Economics

Home state: Florida

Goal: "After a year of separation, I just want to bring us back together."

Class vice president — uncontested

The Class Vice President also aids in event planning and carrying out initiatives the president has for the class. Their position also determines appointments and voting on legislation during business meetings.

Junior Andrea Sheetz is running for SGA class of 2022 vice president. Photo courtesy of Sheetz.

Andrea Sheetz

Majors: Economics and Sociology

Home state: Ohio

Goal: "To continue advocating for the student perspective and working to make all facets of our Elon experience more equitable."

Class secretary — vacant

The Class Secretary is in charge of communication throughout their class. By focusing on social media, and keeping lines of communication open between class representatives, the secretary works to make sure their class delegates work efficiently and smoothly together.

Class treasurer — uncontested

The class treasurer manages the finance for each class and also has a seat on the finance board. The treasurer is responsible for facilitating reimbursements for class events. 

Maddie Shosten | Elon News Network
Junior Mason Yeo is running for SGA class of 2022 treasurer.

Mason Yeo

Major: Business Administration

Home state: Maryland

Goal: "My goal for the 2021-2022 academic year is to help finance and plan fun senior year activities as well as aid in the equitable distribution of Student Activity Fees across campus."

Class senators — uncontested 

Once elected, each senator is responsible for voting on legislation introduced in SGA meetings. They are also required to join committees in SGA. There are two senators for the senior class.

Maddie Shosten | Elon News Network
Junior Brooks Lacoste is running for SGA class of 2022 senator.

Brooks Lacoste

Major: Biochemistry, History minor

Home state: Mississippi 

Goal: "If elected, I will strive to make sure all Class of 2022 voices are heard and will help Elon transition back into normalcy for our senior year."

Junior Anita Harkov is running for SGA class of 2022 senator. Photo courtesy of Harkov.

Anita Harkov

Major: Finance and Marketing

Home country: Estonia

Goal: "My goal is to make sure the class of 2022 has an impactful and memorable senior year."