The Student Government Association unanimously passed legislation allocating $69,069  in reserve money to fund year-long subscriptions to the Shipt grocery delivery service for at least 1,001 students. 

Shipt, which offers same-day delivery for customers who order groceries on the app, just awaits approval from Elon Administration after the legislation passed.

The bill was introduced as a way to help students who do not have cars obtain groceries in a contactless way during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also states that additional costs of this program due to increased student participation should be allocated by Elon University.

Hailey Jurgens, the class of 2022 president and author of the legislation, said the benefits of using the grocery delivery service is to encourage students during the coronavirus pandemic to “decrease our interaction” with the outside communities.

“They may not feel comfortable going out and purchasing their own goods with some members of the community maybe not wearing masks,” Jurgens said.

She also discussed that 50% of Elon students don’t have cars, which makes it difficult to go to the store and buy groceries.

“Ride sharing programs are available to students,” Jurgens said. “However, the student's comfort levels may decline because of COVID-19.”

Jurgens also said that Shipt will be able to deliver to the outside of dorm buildings and other on and off campus housing, and will be contactless so students can pick up groceries at their scheduled times. 

Signups for memberships will be first come first serve, and they plan to have the university publicize it on the Ready & Resilient website.