The Elon Student Government Association announced the candidates for the 2021 spring elections, with 32 positions on the ballots, as well as the new constitutional changes ratified by the organization. Elections will be held from March 18 to 19. 

For the executive president position, current Class of 2022 Secretary Jack Corby will be facing off against Class of 2022 Vice President Daniel Dorociak. The executive vice president candidates are junior Trevor Molin, senior Chloe Yoon and senior Ireland Horan.

The executive secretary and treasurer races are uncontested, with Hailey Jurgens running for the executive secretary position and Caroline Penfield running for the executive treasurer position.

Video by Jack Norcross.

All of the class of 2022 races are uncontested, with Liam O’Connor running for the presidency, Andrea Sheetz running for vice president, Mason Yeo running for treasurer, and Brooks Lacoste and Anita Harkov running as senators. The class of 2022 secretary position is vacant. 

The class of 2023 races are uncontested besides the senator positions, with Blake Dixon, Corinne Rose and Callahan Johnston in the race. Chase Solomon is running for the class of 2023 president, Victoria Burfield is running as the secretary, and Jamison Skelley is running for treasurer. The class of 2023 vice president position is vacant. 

Andrew Lymm and Britt Mobley will run against each other for the class of 2024 presidency. Chloe Higgins is running uncontested for vice president, and Matthew Barker is uncontested for the secretary position. Zeth Dixon and Gabriella Gutiérrez are the candidates for the class of 2024 treasurer seat. The class of 2024 senator candidates include Connor Johnson, Demetria Hall and Genesis Tolbert. 

For the academic senate race, the College of Arts and Sciences race is packed, with freshman Whitney McDonnell, junior Sydney Coker, sophomore Georgia Daniel, sophomore Ryan Lockwood, junior Maxwell Mrus and sophomore Charlotte Mattimiro. 

The School of Communications race is uncontested, with freshman William Wood and junior Nadine Jose as senators candidates. The Love School of Business and School of Education seats are vacant.

The Finance board race candidates are junior Josephine Williams, sophomore Ben House,  sophomore Kiara Hunter, freshman Aleezah Adams and junior Brandon Goodman. 

The constitutional changes will also be voted on by the student body. If passed, they will go into effect in the spring of 2022, meaning this election is structured off of the current constitution.